What is an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer?

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

While almost every motor vehicle accident proves terrifying, frustrating and inconvenient, accidents with 18-wheeler trucks are especially harrowing. With large trucks, accident victims often have to fight against the trucking company for fair compensation. Consulting with a lawyer who specializes in 18-wheeler accidents may be a victim’s most favorable way of recovering damages and receiving compensation as quickly as possible. Such lawyers know the unique laws and regulations involved with the trucking industry. This gives them access to resources that victims may not have or even know about.

Even the most cut-and-dry cases can twist into complicated knots when insurance and trucking companies throw various obstacles in front of collision victims. Turning a case over to an experienced attorney can be the only way for victims or families to receive compensation.

How Can an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Help?

Trucking companies have their own teams of lawyers to help them combat claims and lawsuits and limit any damages that they must pay. Those involved in vehicle incidents who feel that the truck driver bears fault may think they have a strong case that they can handle without a legal representative. Even then, countless obstacles and dead ends may litter the path to recovering damages. Victims need their own legal support team helping them navigate their case. This is why turning to a legal advocate is always a wise idea.

Federal and state regulations govern the trucking industry, involving everything from driver qualifications and training to vehicle maintenance. 18-wheeler accident legal professionals know how such regulations work and how they pertain to motor vehicle collisions. While online research can help injured parties gain foundational knowledge of trucking industry regulations and laws, it takes years to understand the nuances, exceptions and recent changes to laws. Accident lawyers have the experience and education to help their clients understand what kind of case they have on their hands and determine it’s worth. Leaving claims to the professionals allows victims to concentrate on recovering and getting back to their day-to-day lives.

How Do Truck Accident Lawyers Help Victims Understand Why Accidents Happen?

Building a legal case involves satisfying the burden of proof, which means gathering facts to meet all required elements of a legal dispute. Determining why a collision happened is part of satisfying the burden of proof.

For instance, the negligent truck driver may have operated the vehicle while distracted. Texting or talking on the phone, taking a picture, drinking, eating and even talking with dispatch can take a driver’s attention off the road long enough to cause a collision. Another example of truck driver negligence is speeding, following other vehicles too closely and driving while intoxicated or under the influence of controlled substances.

Rather than the driver, it may be the trucking company that displayed negligence. Employers may not properly maintain trucks or load trucks incorrectly. Sometimes, companies force drivers to stay on the road longer than current regulations allow.

Poor road or weather conditions may lead to 18-wheeler collisions. Truck drivers may not properly or adequately account for slippery roads, which can trigger collisions.

18-wheeler manufacturers may bear fault for a driving incident. Defective cargo straps, tires or brakes may lead to accidents. Rather than the parts, the mechanic who performed improper maintenance may be to blame.

What Compensation Can an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Help Victims Recover?

To receive full and fair compensation, truck accident victims must know which legal damages they have a right to dispute. Keep in mind that these trucks are typically commercial vehicles.

Still, not only may victims incur medical bills in the immediate aftermath of the accident, but they may also endure ongoing medical bills for therapy, long-term disability or physical impairment. Motor vehicle incidents may cause mental anguish, for which victims could have a right to recompense. Parties may experience a reduced or lost earning capacity if a disability or injury keeps them from working as they used to.

Some cases qualify victims to receive punitive or exemplary damages. Punitive/exemplary damages are punishment against the responsible party when a defendant demonstrates especially harmful behavior or judgment. Such damages also serve as a warning to others to dissuade them from engaging in similar behavior.

If a person dies in an incident with an 18-wheeler, a spouse or survivors could have a right to wrongful death damages. These damages include those experienced by the deceased from the moment of the accident until the person’s death. This could also be weeks after the initial incident. During that time, the victim endures medical expenses, lost wages and funeral or burial expenses.

Another category of wrongful death damages stems from the deceased’s absence in the lives of her or his next of kin. For instance, the deceased’s spouse and children may depend on the victim’s income, which they lose because of the collision. They can seek damages to replace financial loss.

Depending on the state, immediate relatives or spouses may claim loss of consortium. Such damages help ease the loss of companionship and love experienced by spouses, parents and children.

How Can an 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Help Victims Maximize Their Compensation?

18-wheeler accident lawyers also help clients get every penny that they legally deserve. For example, injured victims must follow their physician’s orders regarding medical care, treatment and rehabilitation. Not following medical orders could not only reduce compensation but also prolong recovery.

Lawyers can also help clients keep accurate logs of their lost wages and various out-of-pocket expenses. Legal advocates may have access to resources that can provide clients with financial assistance while they recover.

Legal professionals know how defense attorneys work to dismantle cases, such as monitoring a plaintiff’s social media presence. A collision victim’s representative could advise against making social media posts during an ongoing case.

Work With an Experienced Local Lawyer

Navigating 18-wheeler accident cases requires professional, experienced and trusted guidance. Legal representatives help accident victims stand up to unscrupulous insurance and trucking companies seeking to quickly shut down claims or offer unfair compensation to vulnerable and injured parties. Submit a request online or call us today at (866) 345-6784 to get in touch with an experienced lawyer in your area!

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