DUI Law in Provo, UT

What Is a DUI?

A DUI in Provo can have long-lasting legal and personal consequences. The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit for drivers in Utah is 0.05%. This level is notably lower than the national standard of 0.08%.

A knowledgeable attorney can assess your case, investigate the evidence, and develop a defense. Their expertise and experience can help you work toward the best possible outcome. Don’t face a DUI charge alone,  ask us for a referral to a local attorney in Provo.

Possible Consequences of  Provo, Utah DUI Convictions

There are several factors that influence the sentencing for a DUI. Among other concerns, the court weights the seriousness of the incident and your criminal record. For example, prior convictions escalate your criminal jeopardy.

If you face a DUI charge, you do not want to handle things alone and risk costly errors. Englist a reputable law firm in Provo to advocate for you rights and provide effective representation.

Paying Fines

If you are guilty of driving under the influence in Provo, Utah, you can expect to pay fines.The minimum and maximum fines for DUI in Utah are as follows:

  • First-Time DUI Offense: $700 – $1,950
  • Second DUI Offense Within Ten Years: $800 – $1,950
  • Third DUI Offense Within Ten Years: $1,500 – $1,950

Other elements that may increase what you have to pay include:

  • Property damage
  • Court costs
  • Child endangerment
  • Injuring another driver or pedestrian

Jail Time

In Provo, even first-time DUI offenders are subject to mandatory jail time. For a first offense, the duration of imprisonment may be a day or two. But, if you have prior DUI convictions, the sentencing can extend to several months or even years. Certain circumstances, such as causing injury to others, can result in additional time behind bars.


If you are not required to serve jail time, at you will likely be on probation. You will have to pay monthly fees and avoid further offenses, including traffic violations. Nonetheless, any break of the terms can result in the imposition of a jail sentence.

Anyone on probation in Provo must remain compliant with the exact terms set by a judge. These conditions vary, but the requirements include regular check-ins with a probation officer. This state official will check that you have followed through with the following tasks:

  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Community service hours
  • Attendance at counseling or treatment programs

Drug and Alcohol Education Program

A sentence for DUI in Provo can also result in going to a drug and alcohol education program. These courses aim to give you knowledge about the hazards of driving drunk or high. Additionally, you will have to pay the fees to attend and provide proof of completion.

The Utah Department of Health & Human Services has a list of approved DUI class providers. A few of the options Provo residents might choose from include:

  • House of Hope
  • Redwillow Counseling and Recovery
  • Sequoia Counseling Center

The DUI education programs also encompass a DUI evaluation component. During the evaluation, an assigned evaluator will inquire about the impact of alcohol and drugs on your life. If the evaluator determines that you have a dependency issue, you may have to go to rehab.

Suspension or Loss of License

Irrespective of the jurisdiction, a DUI conviction involves a mandatory license suspension. At the very least, you will lose your license for a few months, even for a first-time DUI offense. Meanwhile, you must fulfill probation requirements and take part in the drug and alcohol education program.

The potential consequences for your driving privileges increase with each DUI. The suspensions can be longer, or in some cases, revoked permanently.

What Should You Do When Charged With a DUI in Provo, Utah?

It is imperative to follow certain measures when you face a felony DUI charge:

Step 1: Contact an Attorney Familiar With   DUI Law

It is crucial to contact a DUI attorney in Provo immediately after a DUI arrest. Their guidance will prepare you for the arraignment and they must develop a defense strategy. The earlier that they start, the more opportunities they have to negotiate with prosecutors.

Step 2: Learn About Your Local DUI Laws

The city of Provo, Utah has its own distinct set of laws pertaining to DUI or DWI charges. Your attorney will collaborate with you to provide a comprehensive understanding of the regulations. This clarity on the charges will be essential for your case.

Step 3: Request a DMV Hearing

It is crucial for you or your attorney to promptly seek a hearing following your arrest. In Provo, Utah, there is a limited timeframe within which you can request a DMV hearing. Failing to request one will result in a license suspension.

You must request a hearing within ten days of arrest for a DUI in Provo. It is crucial to meet this deadline to preserve the right to challenge the suspension. If you have questions, consult with your lawyer or check the Utah Depatment of Public Safety website.

Step 4: Prepare for Court Appearance

You will prepare with your attorney for your arraignment and other court appearances in Provo. If you enter a not guilty plea, they will advocate on your behalf in court.

Step 5: Receive Sentencing or Exoneration

Trials typically end with one of two outcomes: a guilty or not guilty verdict. You will either face criminal consequences or walk away free.

Work with an Experienced Local DUI Lawyer in Provo, Utah

If you ever face a DUI charge, it is imperative to collaborate with a skilled attorney in Provo. They can help you clear your name or minimize the consequences. These outcomes are not possible for most individuals without legal help.

The outcome of your DUI case significantly impacts your life and future. Take action today by contacting an attorney in your area. We can even help you connect with legal help across Utah state lines.

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