Wrongful Termination in Badger, AK

A wrongful termination lawsuit is a substantial tort action. In fact, there are times when even the most powerful person in the state gets caught in one. In February 2022, Governor Dunleavy defended a $495,000 settlement for psychiatrists who lost their jobs.

Do you believe that your employer in Badger terminated you on illegal grounds? Then discover what you can do about it under local, state, and federal law.

What Is Wrongful Termination?

Applying for workers’ compensation starts when you suffer an illness or injury while working. Legally speaking, the most crucial element is the circumstance that led to your problems.

For instance, the cause of your suffering needs to have happened during your regular work day. An incident during your lunch break would not be applicable. However, getting into a car accident while running an errand for your boss would qualify.

The damages a court may award you for a successful wrongful termination lawsuit depend on the allegations. Regardless, consider what the Alaska Court System suggests for juries. A breach of contract case has two options for how your peers from Badger will determine damages. Both systems involve subtracting how much you received in wages from the value of the remainder of the contract.

Types Of Wrongful Termination

There are many ways that a wrongful termination can happen in Badger. At times, your employer may not even realize they broke labor laws. This situation is the reason corporations rely heavily on human resources.

You have nothing to lose when you schedule a consultation with an attorney about wrongful termination. The following paragraphs describe some red flags that should motivate you to get started.

Limitations of At-Will Employment

At-will employment is a potent legal doctrine, but it has its limitations. Regardless, it does not allow an employer in Badger to refuse to hire someone or fire them based on prejudice. There are state, federal, and local laws to prohibit this type of action.

Nonetheless, the Alaska Labor Standards and Safety Division confirms Alaska has at-will employment. As a result, your employer in Badger does not have to give a reason or warning before terminating you.

Regardless of state or federal employment laws, an employer does not have the right to retaliate against employees. For example, it is illegal to fire you for reporting illegal activities to authorities.

Were you terminated for a similar reason? If so, a local attorney could organize a potent wrongful termination lawsuit.


Discrimination remains an unfortunately frequent form of wrongful termination. It happens when an employee loses a job for one of the following aspects of their personhood: 

  • Sex
  • Race
  • Religion
  • National Origin
  • Ethnicity
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Age

Well-established laws and legal precedents make prejudicial employment decisions for these classes illegal. Moreover, some states have additional protections against discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

Federal resources exist to help Badger residents who lost their job for discriminatory reasons. Local workers can file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). There are crucial aspects of this action to get right, so consider hiring an experienced Badger, AK to get you through. 


There are protected activities that your employer cannot use to justify firing you. For instance, they do not have a right to fire you for taking medical leave or participating in investigations. Furthermore, they cannot fire you for complaining to the EEOC about harassment or discrimination.

Alaska Statutes also contain legal protections for state employees that turn into whistleblowers. They should not lose their job for reporting on something that harms the public good. Embezzlement or environmental hazards are only two examples of what would qualify.

Some states also prohibit terminations for serving on a jury, military service, or voting. The government also has protections when you report environmental or safety regulation violations.

What To Do If You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated In Badger, Alaska

A wrongful termination can entitle a worker to compensatory damages, back pay, reinstatement, and other remedies. But the exact definition of what qualifies depends on where you live. Accordingly, there are benefits to hiring a local attorney. Once they understand your circumstances, they can identify the laws that your attorney should have followed.

There can be tight limitations on when you can file a discrimination claim, so you do not want to procrastinate. A delay could cause evidence to slip away, or you could miss the deadline entirely. If you want a favorable outcome, you and your attorney must be as proactive as possible.

The EEOC has one of the tightest deadlines to file a claim. Badger residents only have 180 days to send details to this arm of the federal government.

Step One: Gather Evidence

Any evidence you can provide is crucial, regardless of how small or unsubstantial it may seem. In an ideal situation, you will have started this process when you first suspected wrongdoing. But if you can access your email or clear out your desk, use those chances wisely. However, keep from violating confidentiality issues or employment agreements.

Step Two: Find an Attorney

Step Three: File a Complaint

The EEOC offers resources to help you decide if filing a claim is appropriate for your case. But going through a case review with an attorney can help you write the complaint. Once your employer receives notice of it, the process begins in earnest. But it is noteworthy that most cases do not go to trial since settlements save time and money.

Most workers from Badger will file their EEOC complaint online. The nearest office that can offer assistance is in Seattle.

Why You Should Hire a Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Badger, Alaska

It can feel overwhelming to start a wrongful termination lawsuit in Badger, Alaska. Speaking to a lawyer will help you define your legal rights as a victim and identify a legal strategy. Furthermore, having the chance to tell your story can ease the burden you have carried.

Finding the right attorney for your situation can be burdensome. This reality is why we created our service. We connect clients with experienced attorneys that understand their situation. You only have to provide your location, legal needs, and other vital details. We will send you options as soon as we scour our network.

Our company never charges a fee to connect you to these legal services. Some attorneys near Badger may require legal fees upfront, but many do not. Many will not charge anything until or when they win your case. 

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