When Should You Get an Attorney for a Car Accident?

When to Get An Attorney For a Car Accident

Just like you do not need to go to the doctor every time you cough, you do not need to involve a lawyer after every auto incident. That said, you should understand in which situations you are better off consulting with a legal professional. When your peace of mind, income and health are on the line, you cannot afford to take any chances. So, when should you get an attorney’s insight and experience for a car accident?

You Cannot Work

If you sustained an injury during the car accident and cannot work, bring your case to an attorney. Even if the at-fault party has auto insurance and covers your lost income, you may not receive a fair amount from the insurance company. Insurance carriers do whatever they can to limit the amount they pay for settlements or accepted claims. That means you may receive substantially less than you legally deserve for lost wages.

Later on, you may discover your injuries are more extensive than you first believed. This means that you may be out of work longer than expected. Your initial settlement may not cover the entire duration that you cannot work. A lawyer increases the chances that you get every penny you deserve and need.

You or a Passenger Sustained Serious Injuries, or Someone Died

Perhaps you can continue working, but you still sustained serious injuries during the accident. Or, depending on the incident’s severity and circumstances, the outcome may have been fatal for a driver or passenger. Usually, mishaps that result in serious damage or death bring about complicated lawsuits. Your lack of knowledge concerning the latest laws could leave you at a serious disadvantage if you take on your case yourself. Worse, the other party may hit you with a wrongful death or personal injury counterclaim. Either way, a lawyer can protect your rights with expert advice and experience.

The Accident Injured Several People

Sometimes, car accidents involve several vehicles and individuals. For instance, rather than only drivers and passengers, property owners and pedestrians could also become part of the equation. If you count yourself among the many auto accident victims, handling the resulting claim(s) and legal action(s) could prove confusing, frustrating and time-consuming.

Certain attorneys have experience navigating multiple lawsuits and parties involved in a car accident. Even if evidence determines that you hold a degree of liability in the accident, having a lawyer by your side can reduce your overall liability. You get to focus on your recovery while your advocate works with any other attorneys and insurance companies involved in the case.

The Accident Took Place in a Construction Zone 

Construction zone motor vehicle accidents sometimes involve violations. For instance, the other driver disregarding warning signs and traffic laws could be what triggered the accident. If so, your claim could come with penalties and heavy fines. You may not be aware of this if you do not work with a lawyer to handle your case.

You Have To Talk About a Settlement 

Rather than go to court, maybe you successfully sued the other person without a legal professional’s aid. Recently, you received a settlement offer from an insurance company that you feel is fair. This is the time to rethink proceeding without a professional’s insight. Should you accept the current settlement as is, you could give up certain rights, which may later come back to haunt you. With a lawyer’s help, you could get a higher settlement, as opposed to an in-truth unreasonably low offer that only seems fair or generous on the surface.

The Other Person Did Not Have Insurance 

Did it turn out that the at-fault party did not have any insurance? Or maybe while the other driver had coverage, it is not enough to pay for the extent of damages and injuries. Inadequate or nonexistence insurance calls for a lawyer.

It may make sense to file a civil lawsuit against the other person as an alternate way to receive compensation. With this scenario, however, the uninsured/uninsured party may not have the assets or finances needed to cover the full cost of your injuries or damages, so prepare yourself for that possibility. A lawyer can help you figure out how to proceed.

You Have To Gather Evidence

To build your case to determine which party bears fault for the incident, you may have to gather adequate evidence. If you were injured, you may not be in a good condition to collect evidence on your own. By leaving things to an attorney, you have someone in your corner who knows the most effective ways to assemble undeniable proof. For instance, what do you know about the “black boxes” newer cars have? Auto accident attorneys are familiar with such recording technology. They also know how to get the court orders necessary to quickly and legally procure such evidence. This level of knowledge can save a lot of time.

The Accident Happened in the Past 

Perhaps the auto incident in question happened a few months or even years ago. It could be that you are only now realizing the extent of your injuries and want to pursue damages. Attorneys understand the statute of limitations, which is the time you have available to take legal action for a car accident.

Besides ensuring that you make your case within the latest time limit, legal advocates also know how to meet all procedural requirements. Sometimes, auto accident victims come close to the statute of limitations’ deadline when an insurance company seems cooperative with their claim. In the end, the insurance company’s true aim is to run out the clock while giving the illusion of being cooperative. Eventually, the insurer can deny the claim.

Work With an Experienced Local Lawyer

Do you wonder if a reputable attorney should be managing your car accident case? Do not take any chances with your health, finances or well-being. Know when to accept a settlement and when to return to the negotiating table. Submit a request online or call us today at (866) 345-6784 to get in touch with an experienced lawyer in your area!

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