Losing your job for illegal reasons can leave you feeling helpless and without alternatives. Being out of your source of income, or health insurance can feel, and frankly is personal.

In many cases, it’s not just you relying on that job. Many people have families or loved ones to take care of as well. But taking on a powerful employer on your own is daunting. Hiring a wrongful termination lawyer can level the playing field. After finding one, however, what happens when you hire a wrongful termination lawyer?

What Happens After You Hire a Wrongful Termination Lawyer?

You may hesitate because you feel unsure of what to expect, or are confused about this overall process.  Learning about 4 wrongful termination lawsuits that may apply to your case could help. Accordingly, this article will give you confidence about what happens after your initial consultation.

You do not have to allow a wrongful termination to affect your finances and career prospects. Learn more today about the steps that follow when you choose to seek justice.

Investigation and Evaluation of Your Wrongful Termination Case

Once you sign the attorney engagement letter, your wrongful termination attorney will begin investigating your case. This task is crucial to determining the viability of your claim. This inquiry may involve gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing relevant documents. Of course, this is the more obvious part of what happens after you hire a wrongful termination lawyer. This is also what you can expect if when utilizing our service.

If your attorney determines that your case is weak, they may advise against legal action. In this case, they may offer other options for resolving the issue. They could suggest negotiating a settlement or registering a complaint with the EEOC.

Throughout the investigation and evaluation process, your lawyer will keep you informed about the progress. They may also advise you on steps you can take to strengthen your case. They may ask you to find more evidence or identify witnesses willing to give a deposition or testify.

Filing a Complaint

After your lawyer feels confident in the information they have gathered, they will file a complaint. This document will outline the basis of your claim and the damages you wish to pursue.

The complaint goes to the court system that has jurisdiction over your case. Depending on the circumstances, it could be a state or federal court. Your lawyer will work with you to ensure all necessary documents and information are present.

Next, the complaint must get served on your former employer, along with a summons. Your lawyer will typically handle this process. They may need to engage the services of a process server to ensure this task happens smoothly.

Your former employer will have a designated amount of time to respond. This response may include an answer to the complaint that outlines their position on the issues raised.

Discovery and Pre-Trial Phase

After your former employer has responded, the case will move into the discovery and pre-trial phase. Both sides will exchange information and evidence to prepare for trial during this stage.

Discovery is a critical part of any wrongful termination lawsuit. The parties will request and provide relevant information, documents, and evidence. Additionally, there are usually many depositions that follow. These events are interviews with witnesses conducted under oath.

The requests for documents have strict guidelines to avoid a dismissal. Either side must provide records such as employment forms, emails, and other communications.

Your lawyer will ensure you are ready for depositions or other discovery-related activities. A substantial part of their job, or what happens after you hire a wrongful termination lawyer, is to confirm you have provided all necessary information.

Settlement Negotiations

Both sides may attempt to negotiate a settlement to avoid going to court. These negotiations are often ongoing and may even extend through the trial.

Your lawyer will advise whether a settlement is in your best interests. The negotiations can be complex and may involve many crucial factors. The strength of your case, the damages, and the likelihood of success will be influential considerations.

If you settle, it will typically be in the form of a written agreement. This document may outline a payment of damages, an agreement to take particular actions or other terms.

Settlement negotiations can be a lengthy and intricate process. It may require multiple rounds of meetings to reach an agreement. This is one of the clearest ways attorneys help clients and one of the main expectations that you can have after asking what happens after you hire a wrongful termination lawyer.


Your wrongful termination case will proceed to trial if you cannot settle during the pre-trial phase. This is the end game of what happens after you hire a wrongful termination lawyer. Your lawyer will present evidence and testimony that supports your assertions. They may submit the documents, witness testimony, and other details gathered previously. They will also cross-examine witnesses to persuade the court to award damages.

Your wrongful termination lawyer must work to ensure they present your case in as favorable a light as possible. They will also respond to the arguments or evidence presented by the other side.

After the trial, the judge or jury will render a verdict. If they rule in your favor, you may receive damages. The court may factor lost wages, emotional distress, and punitive damages into this decision.

If things do not go your way, your lawyer may explore the possibility of an appeal. They are particularly likely to suggest this action if they expect to find a more empathetic environment for your case.

Schedule a Consultation with a Wrongful Termination Lawyer 

You may not know your rights or legal options without legal representation. After all, what should you ask a wrongful termination lawyer? You may also struggle with critical parts of the process, which can lead to expensive blunders. 

Don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with a wrongful termination lawyer, especially now that you know what happens after you hire a wrongful termination lawyer. As you have read, they have many ways to secure compensation and hold your employer accountable.

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