Legal Questions for Attorneys

Legal Questions

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Legal disputes and related problems arise all the time. Answers to important legal questions may depend on state, federal or even local law. Therefore, if you have questions you need to answer, working with an experienced local attorney is an effective approach.

How Do You Find Answers to Your Legal Questions?

The law is broad, encompassing a variety of legal disciplines. If you have a legal question, then you need to talk to an attorney who has experience in a relevant area of law.

While there are certainly other areas of law you may encounter, legal questions for individuals usually fall within one of the following topics:

Bankruptcy Law

If individuals have more bills than they can pay, they often seek certain legal protections through bankruptcy filings. A bankruptcy attorney can answer questions about related matters, including what you need to file and how you can rebuild your credit.

A skilled bankruptcy lawyer may also help you explore alternatives to bankruptcy. If you decide that pursuing bankruptcy is in your legal interests, then your attorney can draft motions and prepare other legal documents.

Criminal Law

Federal, state and local laws prohibit individuals from engaging in certain behaviors. If you run afoul of a provision in the criminal code, then you likely want a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side.

Criminal lawyers can help you understand your legal exposure and take steps to protect your rights. If prosecutors charge you with a crime, then your attorney can attack the elements of the offense. He or she may also negotiate with prosecutors to help you reach an acceptable outcome.

If your criminal matter goes to trial, your legal counsel can represent you in court. This may require arguing points of law and fact to a judge or members of a jury. Criminal lawyers also regularly draft pleadings, motions and other court documents.

Employment Law

Most individuals must work to support themselves and their family members. Still, employers must comply with a complex framework of federal, state and local laws. If your employer violates the law, you may need the services of an employment lawyer.

Employment lawyers represent employees in disputes with their employers. These disputes may involve discrimination, harassment or violations of other employment laws. Your lawyer may help you settle a matter with your employer or represent you in court.

Estate Planning Law

Upon your death, you want to have some say in what happens to your assets. An estate planning lawyer can help you draft a will, set up a trust or prepare other estate planning documents.

If you have some concern about future medical care, your estate planning lawyer can also help you draft an advance directive or name a health care agent to act on your behalf.

On the other hand, if a loved one has died without a will or other estate planning documents, an estate planning lawyer can represent your legal interests during the probate process.

Family Law

Family law is a broad legal practice area that deals with all aspects of the family. This includes divorces, child custody matters, adoptions, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and other family issues.

While your family lawyer may represent you in open court, he or she may also play a vital role in negotiation or mediation. Similarly, family law attorneys regularly draft legal documents, including parenting plans and visitation schedules.

Personal Injury Law

Someone else’s intentional conduct, negligence or carelessness may cause you to sustain a serious injury. Fortunately, in many places, you can likely pursue fair compensation for your injuries or even property damage.

A personal injury lawyer represents you as you seek payments from the person responsible for your injuries. These attorneys routinely work with automobile accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, dog bites and product liability cases.

Your attorney may negotiate with insurance companies, represent you in court, draft legal documents and take other steps to protect your legal interests. He or she can also answer the many legal questions that inevitably arise during a personal injury matter.

Real Estate Law

Real estate lawyers aid with matters that involve real property. That is, they deal with the sale or usage of land.

If you have a landlord-tenant dispute, a real estate lawyer may be helpful. Likewise, if you are buying or selling property, facing foreclosure or dealing with a title dispute, a real estate attorney can guide you through the process.

While much of real estate law is transactional, attorneys occasionally go to court. Therefore, your real estate attorney can represent you in front of a judge or jury.

Tax Law

You probably have federal, state and even local tax obligations. Tax lawyers can help you take full advantage of the tax code, potentially limiting your tax liability. A tax attorney can also assist with enforcement matters before the Internal Revenue Service or your state’s tax body.

What Is the Process for Answering Legal Questions?

If you have an important legal question or issue you need to resolve, you may wonder how to proceed. Many lawyers offer free or low-cost consultations with prospective clients. After scheduling your appointment, discuss your matter with an attorney who practices a relevant area of the law.

It is important to be honest and forthcoming with your attorney. After all, the communications you have are likely confidential. Furthermore, when you give as much information as possible to your lawyer, you boost your chances of receiving helpful advice and competent legal representation.

Work With an Experienced Local Lawyer

When you work with an experienced local lawyer, you receive answers to your legal questions. An attorney in your area can give you state-specific information that directly relates to your matter.

If the attorney you choose cannot assist you, he or she can likely refer you to someone who can. Submit a request online or call us today at (866) 345-6784 to get in touch with an experienced lawyer in your area!

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