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Understandably, insurance claims denials and related issues can make you feel distrustful or frustrated. With medical bills, money, missed work, and all kinds of other inconveniences piling up, you might even feel hopeless. If that feeling then lead you to us, then you may be wondering what to expect when you talk to us about an insurance claim lawyer.

What To Expect When You Talk To Us About an Insurance Claim Lawyer

Reading this brief guide will do more than tell you about our service. We will also break down some of the core legal issues surrounding insurance claims. Furthermore, this article may include some valuable information that is relevant to your circumstances. Discover the value that we offer by reading this article today.

1) Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a critical priority for us. Anyone who calls or emails us often shares personal information. Therefore, we have strict policies and procedures to protect your privacy.

We limit who has access to sensitive details and use secure methods to transmit data. Moreover, we do not share or sell your information to third parties. Everything is on a strict need-to-know basis.

2) Prompt Service

Prompt service is an essential aspect of our work. Many clients have urgent issues that require timely assistance. Thus, we have systems to match you with a local attorney quickly and efficiently. We also offer a full breakdown of our terms of service.

Some attorney referral services may use automated systems to match clients. But we dedicate ourselves to providing exclusive connections to lawyers based on the legal issue and geographic location.

3) Expert Legal Counsel

Connections to knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are a critical aspect of our operations. We also have a professional responsibility to introduce you to high-quality legal representation. Moreover, your insurance claim deserves attention from someone equipped to develop a compelling legal strategy.

4) Personalized Attention

Insurance issues require thoroughness and advanced knowledge of the law. As a result, our representatives may ask a series of critical questions similar to what is listed below. This is the most detailed and concrete services to expect when you talk to us about an insurance claim lawyer

What reason did the insurance company give for denying the claim?

Understanding the reason for the denial can help us match you with an attorney who has experience with that particular issue. Additionally, it helps the attorney develop a plan to effectively appeal the decision or file a lawsuit. 

Have you appealed the denial and what was the result?

Your options may have changed if you already tried to appeal the denial. Ideally, you will reach out as soon as possible to have an attorney help with this step. But you do not have to worry if you took this step before contacting our service. We can still find a legal counselor that can handle the next steps.

Do you have evidence that supports your claim? 

The proof you have available may include medical records, police reports, and eyewitness statements. But there is much more relevant information that can support your claim.

Strong evidence to support your claim can increase the likelihood of a successful appeal. Furthermore, you may be a strong candidate to hire an attorney with extensive skills in negotiation or settlements. On the other hand, if there is little proof, you may need someone with more litigation experience.

Do you know the value of the claim? 

It is vital to determine the potential financial impact of your case. The value of your claim may depend on factors such as the extent of your injuries or medical treatment. Even where you live can affect your claims value. Consequently, understanding the stakes helps us identify the level of complexity. Some claims may be straightforward, while others may require a thorough investigation.

Were there any witnesses that can testify to the reasons for the denial?

Witnesses can include anyone with information relevant to your claims. Family members, coworkers, or bystanders can testify to critical elements of your case. They can help your attorney understand the insurance company’s decision-making process and develop a strategy. Therefore, their testimony can be powerful when an insurer denies your claim. Moreover, these individuals may expose wrongdoing or bad faith practices.

Level of urgency to resolve the claim?

Your urgency can depend on the severity of injuries or your financial losses. There can also be tight deadlines to meet based on your circumstances. Accordingly, this detail can be significant when we match you with a local insurance lawyer.

If your case requires urgent attention, your attorney may expedite the appeals process or seek a settlement aggressively. Conversely, they may spend more resources on an investigation if there are fraud charges to handle.

Ideal method of communication with the attorney?

Some clients prefer email or text, while others like phone calls or in-person meetings. Consequently, asking about your preferred method of communication can help provide a higher level of service.

The attorney we refer you to will understand your style and meet your needs. For instance, if you prefer to communicate through email, they may send regular updates to your inbox. Alternatively, they could schedule regular check-ins or phone conferences. 

Have you worked with an attorney before? Do you have one already?

If you have worked with an attorney before, your past experiences can affect our referral. For example, your preferences for working with an attorney help our team understand your expectations. On the other hand, if you have a lawyer already, then you should contact them for any legal advice, or action.

Ask Us to Find a Local Insurance Claim Attorney 

We have extensive experience finding someone to advocate for your rights. If you have received an insurance claim denial or have another issue, we can locate the help you need. After all, this is what you can expect when you talk to us about an insurance claim lawyer.

Notably, we have provided this service for free to over five million people. So, call one of our friendly and professional representatives at (866) 345-6784 today! Or, if you prefer, you can complete the online form on our website.

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