Dealing with the aftermath of medical malpractice can be tiring and challenging. Not only can this add complications to your medical issues, but it can cause strain on your financial well being and stability. But seeking justice doesn’t have to be bothersome. We can connect you with experienced and trusted medical malpractice attorneys who can help. 

What Can You Expect When You Talk to Us About Medical Malpractice?

If we are to “put our money where our mouth is”, then you have a right to know who we are and what to expect from us. In this article, we’ll demonstrate why you can have confidence that we will find the right lawyer for your medical malpractice case. With this as well, we can help you determine if you have a valid malpractice claim.

A Professional and Personalized Service

We take pride in the service that we provide to anyone looking for a medical malpractice attorney. Our goal is to refer you to high-quality representation and support throughout the legal process.

We understand the legal system can be intimidating. As a result, we want to give you personalized service to help you find your confidence. Our commitment to this goal is why we ask you some crucial questions to find the right local lawyer.

Access to Pre-Screened Medical Malpractice Attorneys

We work hard to ensure medical malpractice attorneys in our network meet the highest standards. Anyone we suggest is an expert in the relevant laws and has experience with cases similar to yours.

By partnering with top attorneys in the field, we can offer a range of options. Your legal counselor will help you through the legal process and give you confidence that they are a skilled advocate.

Quick Referrals

We understand that timing is essential when it comes to medical malpractice cases. Long delays in finding legal representation can be detrimental to your case. That’s why we have a network of dedicated attorneys ready to schedule an initial consultation as soon as possible.

Important Questions

We may ask some vital questions to match you with a medical malpractice lawyer that can help. Our representatives could possibly ask you about any of the following to exceed your expectations. The reason being is that we understand that every case is unique, and the more information we have, the better we can help.

What type of medical treatment or procedure did you undergo?

This question is crucial because the type of treatment you received identifies the areas of negligence. Consequently, we will also use this detail to find an attorney with that background. But it is also notable that the type of procedure can impact the statute of limitations.

What was the purpose of the treatment or procedure?

There are different standards of care for procedures you receive. Identifying the purpose can help identify what should have happened. For example, if your doctor wanted to diagnose a certain condition, that has different goals and standards.

Healthcare professionals are in breach of duty when they do not act as expected. Any action that doesn’t match what other professionals would do can represent medical malpractice.

Who was the medical professional or facility responsible for the treatment or procedure?

This information is essential because medical malpractice laws differ based on these circumstances. For instance, the regulations for a physician versus the hospital have variations. As a result, conflicts of interest can exist.

Furthermore, and most importantly, many doctors are independent contractors. Healthcare organizations often hire professionals this way to avoid liability issues. Your medical malpractice lawyer needs to know this detail to identify who may face litigation.

What was the nature of the injury or harm suffered as a result of the treatment or procedure?

This detail gets to the heart of any medical malpractice case. It determines the potential damages, which could not be more crucial. And your legal counsel may suggest hiring medical experts with the relevant experience to testify.

In some cases, the nature of the injury can aid in the assessment of the strength of the case. The more severe the harm, the more likely the court may be to side with you.

When did you first become aware of the injury?

It is essential to determine whether your claim falls within the statute of limitations. This legal time frame sets the maximum time allowed for a person to file a lawsuit. In a state like Maryland, patients generally have three years from the discovery of the injury. However, Kentucky gives individuals five years to start litigation.

Have you sought medical treatment?

Your answer to this question can establish a causal link between the medical treatment and your injury. Moreover, it helps establish the severity and extent, which can impact several other factors.

The medical records that show you took this step can be compelling evidence. Also, an attorney can develop a strategy around this detail.

What expenses have you incurred?

Medical malpractice claims can include compensation for more than your medical bills. There are also lost wages or future care needs to consider. Therefore, it is worth sharing this information with a local attorney. It will allow them to start assessing how much to pursue in a civil complaint.

Additionally, the expenses incurred can also determine the type of attorney needed. If the expenses are small, a general practice attorney may be able to handle the case. However, more substantial cases practically make it necessary to hire someone with expertise.

Have you communicated with the medical professional or facility?

Anything that you share with the parties involved can affect your medical malpractice case. Their attorneys will use whatever you shared to deny responsibility or damages. Accordingly, your lawyer should know if you said anything as soon as possible.

Communication records can provide important evidence for either side. Any admission of fault by the healthcare provider is in your favor. But emails, letters, or recorded calls where you admit any level of responsibility can hurt the lawsuit.

Talk to Us About Medical Malpractice Lawyers Today

As you have read, seeking legal help for medical malpractice can be an intricate task. However, we are here to help you cut through the thorniest details and get the help you need. We can match you with the right medical malpractice attorney.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and take the first step toward justice. We have connected over five million people to attorneys in the United States. Send us a request through our website or call our representatives at (866) 345-6784.

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