If you are recently unemployed, you likely feel angry, confused, and eager for a solution. Regrettably, you may understand one of these biggest causes of unemployment through firsthand experience.

If you or someone you know is in this unfortunate situation, you do not have to accept the results lying down. There are legal rights and options a local employment attorney can help you exercise. Read on to learn more and connect with a legal counselor who can help turn your circumstances around.

Technological Advances

Recently, the development of automation and artificial intelligence has upended many industries. In truth, what we are seeing currently in 2023, is just the beginning.

Companies increasingly rely on machines, computers, and AI to increase productivity. As a result, human jobs can quickly become redundant, leading to significant job losses. Furthermore, as these technologies advance, more jobs will likely disappear due to automation. In fact, according to Business Insider via a Bloomberg report, IBM froze hiring on 7,800 jobs that could potentially be replaced by AI.

The legal implications of these layoffs due to technological advances can be substantial. For example, employees replaced by new machines do not always receive proper notice or compensation. Additionally, there are concerns about how data collected by artificial intelligence systems have discriminatory biases. Either circumstance can lead to a potential discrimination or wrongful termination lawsuit.

Unfortunately, this problem will not have easy answers or solutions anytime soon. According to recent estimates, around 400 to 800 million jobs be obsolete by 2030. The legal landscape will likely change significantly in the next decade. If you have suffered a job loss already to this dynamic shift, consider seeking the help of an employment lawyer.

Economic Factors

Economic factors are another major cause of unemployment. Businesses lay off workers or even close their doors during looming recessions or economic downturns. In addition, shifts in industries and job markets can lead to job losses. These events can be particularly devastating for anyone struggling to make ends meet.

Economic factors can also impact your legal rights. For instance, employers have incentives to engage in illegal behavior during economic uncertainty. Wage theft or retaliation against employees who speak out about workplace conditions are possibilities.

Individuals need to stay informed about their legal rights in these conditions. For instance, the University of Pennsylvania notes that unions have fewer options to help employees since the Great Recession. Hiring an employment attorney can help you fight economic injustice yourself. They may have legal actions to force severance agreements and sue for wrongful termination.

Education and Training

You may have trouble competing in today’s job market without proper education or training. This lack of experience can lead to long-term unemployment. Moreover, as technology advances and industries evolve, it is increasingly essential to stay up-to-date.

This leading cause of unemployment has notable legal implications. An employer who demands knowledge without providing resources could break discrimination laws.

The solution to this problem is often pursuing programs to develop new skills. Local, state, and federal policymakers often create programs to support your efforts. Furthermore, a local employment lawyer can advocate for compensation if your employer violated your rights.

Government Policies

Government policies can have a significant impact on unemployment rates. Statutes such as business regulations can make it difficult for businesses to operate. Additionally, inadequate job creation programs can contribute to long-term unemployment.

Policymakers should consider the potential impact of their policies. But their poor decisions can have devastating effects on the workforce. Something that the FED is all too familiar with after the 2008 crash, and the consistent post-covid interest rate hikes, as described here by the Wall Street Journal.

Government policies can also impact an individual’s legal rights in the workplace. For example, an employer may violate labor laws or engage in discriminatory practices. Despite the challenges caused by government policies, there is no excuse for this behavior.

Lamentably, understaffed or underfunded government agencies often have problems enforcing the law. These situations can make it feel too difficult to pursue legal action. But you have a right to legal recourse.

Legal Issues After Becoming Unemployed

So you are unemployed. What happens next? Well, you can face many legal issues related to losing your job and unemployment eligibility. A termination based on discrimination or retaliation can call for a wrongful termination lawsuit. Similarly, not receiving severance or other government benefits can require legal action.

Another common legal issue that arises after becoming unemployed is non-compete agreements. Some employers require employees to sign these contracts. As a result, you have a limited ability to work for competitors. However, if these agreements are too restrictive, they may be illegal. An employment attorney can help you understand your rights under these agreements.

Finally, individuals who become unemployed may also face issues related to their immigration status. If someone is in the United States on a work visa and loses their job, they may need to take immediate action. An employment or immigration attorney can aid you in meeting the legal requirements.

Talk to an Employment Attorney About Unemployment 

Unemployment can happen due to many factors and cause a range of legal challenges. From state to state, you may have better or worse unemployment benefits. Additionally, it is not unusual to have challenges regarding benefits eligibility. If you suffer from one of the circumstances above, you may need the help of an employment attorney.

We encourage you to contact us to speak with a local lawyer who can provide guidance and support. Our network has experience fighting wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, and other employment issues.

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