Traffic Law in Provo, UT

Understanding local traffic law often happens too late. After all, nobody assumes they will get into an accident or get a speeding ticket. But how do you know when it’s time to call in a lawyer?

Don’t wait for a traffic violation to catch you off guard. Equip yourself with this essential knowledge about Provo traffic laws today.

Provo, Utah Traffic Law

Traffic law pertains to the establishment and execution of these regulations in Provo, Utah. Infractions can range in severity, from speeding violations to driving under the influence (DUI). These violations incur penalties that may include fines, suspension, or revocation of driver’s licenses. You can even go to jail in some cases.

Authorities assign points when individuals are unable to contest traffic offenses. These demerits can result in increased car insurance premiums for several years. Accumulating excessive points may ultimately lead to the suspension of your driving privileges.

A DUI, accruing too many demerit points, or failing to appear in court can lead to a license suspension. However, they also occur due to non-driving related issues. The court system can take this action if you fail to pay child support or have certain drug violations. Getting your driving privileges back in Provo mean meeting certain requirements and paying a fee.

Legal Strategies to Fight Provo, Utah Traffic Tickets

It is often overlooked that contesting a traffic ticket and achieving a favorable outcome is a regular occurrence. Moreover, you may be able to prevent the long-term consequences points on your license. After all, there are instances in Provo where the police officer may not even appear in court. In these cases, you are no longer obligated to pay for the citation.

The Provo City Justice Court handles many traffic-related offenses in the area. But more severe incidents could involve the state court system.

Challenge the Officer’s Conclusion in Traffic Law Court

Your attorney can challenge the accuracy of an officer’s determination in Provo, UT. For instance, they may have claimed they witnessed you make an illegal turn. However, they might not have had a clear view to judge if it was unlawful or unsafe.

Challenge the Officer’s Observations in Traffic Law Court

You have the option to contest an officer’s observations when it is their word against yours. Your traffic law attorney in Provo must successfully raise doubt about the accuracy of their testimony. Accomplishing this task can be challenging for you to undertake alone. After all, most judges give significant weight to what the police say. However, if you can present compelling evidence, you may prevail in your case.

Here are a few examples of evidence that can prove valuable:

  • Demonstrating the officer did not have a position to see the events in question
  • Taking photos of where you received the traffic citation
  • Creating a visual presentation of the position of your car and the police officer’s
  • Finding witnesses to testify

Prove Your Conduct Was Legally Justified

You may have the opportunity to argue the violation in Provo, UT was due to extenuating circumstances. In fact, there are many examples that you could cite. The key objective is to convince the judge that you had a valid reason to take an illegal action. Here are a few examples of such circumstances.

  • Swerving into another lane because you hit pothole and spilled hot coffee on yourself
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit to get someone to the emergency room
  • Reducing your speed to complete a left turn

Prove Your Conduct Was Necessary to Avoid Harm

On certain occasions, it becomes necessary to disregard the traffic laws in Provo to prevent harm. This argument can be valid when you contest a traffic ticket in court. It is crucial to effectively communicate and provide a clear and accurate explanation. Here are several situations in traffic law where engaging in unlawful conduct may be necessary:

  • Deviating your vehicle into the adjacent lane to evade another car.
  • Applying sudden and forceful pressure on the brakes to prevent a collision with an animal.
  • Accelerating beyond the speed limit to evade a tailgating driver.
  • Increasing your speed to evade an out-of-control vehicle that poses an immediate threat.

Prove Your Conduct Was a “Mistake of Fact”

Your involvement in a traffic violation could also be a mistake of fact. This term means you made a genuine and understandable error. The judge will exercise discretion and assess whether your circumstances qualify. Here are several instances they may accept and dismiss the ticket: 

  • You could not see a stop sign hidden behind other objects.
  • You didn’t follow traffic sign instructions because it had faded and was difficult to read.
  • You could not see a light turn yellow because the sun was low in the sky.

Traffic School Programs

Enrolling in a state-sponsored traffic school can help clear your driving record. In fact, a judge might make it mandatory after a conviction for speed or a DUI. There are expenses involved, but the time and investment can prove worthwhile. 

Provo residents can sign up for the state-approved program through the Utah County Justice Court. However, there are a long list of exceptions. You may not have eligibility if you sped through a school zone or drove 20 mph over the limit.

Work with an Experienced Provo, Utah Traffic Law Lawyer

Challenging law enforcement in Provo can be an intimidating experience. This feeling gets amplified when you have prior violations on your driving record.

The outcome in court is not guaranteed. Nonetheless, hiring a traffic attorney in Provo can reintroduce objectivity into the proceedings. This advantage will help you pursue the justice you deserve.

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