Traffic Law in Badger, AK

Are you worried about how much a traffic ticket will cost you?

According to an analysis from NerdWallet, a speeding citation alone can raise your insurance rate by 25%. As you may expect, more severe incidents in Badger can result in an even more expensive price hike.

It is natural to feel you cannot do much about the situation. Nonetheless, a local attorney may find a justification to challenge the ticket in court. You can discover if you may have a case by reading this guide today.

Badger, Alaska Traffic Law

Traffic law deals with the adoption and enforcement of Badger, Alaska traffic codes. These violations can range in severity from minor speeding tickets to serious DUI charges. The consequences for breaking these laws may include fines, license suspensions, revocations, and even prison sentences. 

Many states assign points to a driver’s license when motorists are guilty of traffic offenses. These can cause a dramatic increase in your car insurance premium for several years afterward. The state can also suspend your driving privileges if you have too many violations.

Alaska Statutes give state authorities authority to apply these demerits to your license. Currently, a conviction for traffic offenses can add 2 to 10 points. Motorists from Badger with more than 12 in one year or 18 in two years will go through a suspension. If your offenses are frequent and severe enough, they can revoke your driving privileges entirely.

Legal Strategies to Fight Badger, Alaska Traffic Tickets

You may not believe success contesting a traffic citation is a regular occurrence. Many people pay the fines and court fees without question because fighting a ticket is not worth the time. However, it can be worth keeping points off your license in the long run. Even more importantly, the police officer from Badger may not appear in court, and you will win your case.

The location of your hearing can depend on where you received the citation. As a general rule, Badger residents can expect to attend theirs at one of the state courts in Fairbanks.

Any experienced traffic attorney can present a reasonable defense for you in court. Some successful legal strategies they can use are:

Challenge the Officer’s Conclusion in Traffic Law Court

Your attorney may find a reason to challenge the conclusion of the officer who ticketed you in Badger, AK. For example, the police may have asserted you made an unlawful turn. But your lawyer may have evidence to demonstrate they could not have witnessed your actions.

Challenge the Officer’s Observations in Traffic Law Court

You can challenge an officer’s observations when it is your word against theirs. Your traffic law attorney in Badger can achieve this by casting doubt on the officer. Since judges tend to agree with officers, this task can be challenging. Regardless, you can win the case if you have some compelling evidence. A few examples of what may be effective are:

  • Witness testimony
  • Photographs from the alleged traffic violation location
  • An illustration of where your car and the police were when they decided to pull you over
  • Demonstrating how the point of view of the officer could not have allowed them to see what happened

Prove Your Conduct Was Legally Justified

You can avoid a traffic violation on your record in Badger, AK, by showing it happened because of extenuating circumstances. There are countless examples of how this defense can be successful. Even if your actions were illegal, the judge might believe you had a good reason to take them. Only a few instances that have been effective in court include:  

  • Swerving in traffic because coffee spilled in your lap from the cupholder
  • Driving too slow because you wanted to make a left turn
  • Exceeding the speed limit to get a loved one to the emergency room

Prove Your Conduct Was Necessary to Avoid Harm

The court can absolve you of breaking Badger traffic law because you needed to prevent an injury. If your conduct thwarted harm, you must demonstrate why the situation called for your actions. A few of the circumstances where unlawful conduct can be necessary are:

  • Speeding to avoid a rear-ending incident by an aggressive driver
  • Swerving into another lane because someone veered into yours
  • Speeding and changing lanes to get out of the way of an out-of-control vehicle
  • Slamming your brakes to keep from hitting an animal in the road

Prove Your Conduct Was a “Mistake of Fact”

You may be able to prove that your traffic violation was a “mistake of fact” or an understandable error. In this case, you want photo evidence of the situation to defend your assertions. The judge will determine whether you have a reasonable point and drop the ticket. A few circumstances where this defense can be influential are: 

  • The glare from the sun prevented you from seeing the signal turning yellow
  • Failing to stop because of an obscured sign
  • A traffic sign had faded enough that you could not read it properly

Traffic School Programs

You might have the option to attend a state-sponsored traffic school to clear your driving record. In some cases, the judge can make this a requirement of a guilty conviction for a DUI or speeding. You have to pay out-of-pocket, but its lasting effect can make it worth the investment.

There are three state-approved driving schools you can consider near Badger. Each option may charge differently or have variations in what they can provide:

  • North Star Driving School
  • Center for Employment Education (CEE)
  • Cherokee Riders

Work With an Experienced Badger, Alaska Traffic Law Lawyer

Going up against Badger law enforcement officers when the judge seems more inclined to agree with them than you, can feel intimidating. This is especially the case if you have other traffic violations in the past that may reflect poorly on your driving habits. There is never a guarantee of the outcome in the court of law. However, working with an experienced Badger traffic law attorney can re-inject objectivity into the discourse and get you the justice you seek.

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