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What Is A Timeshare?

Timeshares are a great phenomenon. To enjoy a property for a set duration and only bear responsibility for it during that set duration presents a freeing proposition. Because timeshares are unique from traditional real estate, so too are the laws that govern the ownership, use, and responsibilities of them.

As such, these unique laws, guidelines, and standards can become overwhelming and confusing for anyone interested in owning a timeshare, or anyone trying to cancel a time share. It is imperative, however, that you become well-versed in timeshare law to avoid legal complications.

Everyone has a vague idea of what a timeshare is. A timeshare is defined as a property with divided ownership. This divided ownership also splits the rights of usage during a defined period for each owner. Any property can be a timeshare, though they are almost exclusively condominiums, usually based on resort and vacation homes rather than permanent residences.

Parties can sell timeshares in three different options:

  • Ownership
  • Lease
  • “Right to Use”

Ownership means you are one of the property’s legal owners or are the sole legal owner. A lease means you rent out the property. “Right to use” means you have the right to use the property during a certain period, but you do not have any other legal ownership or rights to the property.

How to Use Your Timeshare

If you are the owner of a timeshare, you can use your timeshare in many ways. The first way, of course, is to use the timeshare and enjoy staying in it. You can utilize other ways that help you manage your timeshare as a business.

You can rent out your timeshare during a time when you do not expect to occupy it. This is a way to earn a profit, which is what makes a timeshare appealing. This is where knowing timeshare law and having a timeshare attorney by your side is crucial to ensure a smooth transaction.

Other timeshare property uses are to give it as a gift, donate it to a charity (for full-time or part-time use), exchange it externally or internally to a resort, or sell it to another party. These are all forms of legal transactions and require a timeshare attorney to help you conduct the transaction within the parameters of the law without additional complications.

Your timeshare attorney can assist you with many timeshare laws, which exist to govern legitimate transactions and disputes revolving around a timeshare. Whether you need to settle a timeshare lawsuit or need any other timeshare lawyer services, an attorney is your best option.

Resale Timeshare Laws

If you want to purchasing a timeshare, you may prefer to do so on a resale market. This means you can purchase a great timeshare without having to break your bank.

But you must make sure the transaction meets your needs. You must sign meticulous and often copious amounts of paperwork. To make this strenuous process easier, consult with your timeshare attorney to help you consider your various options and make sure you protect your rights.

Buyer Timeshare Laws

Buying a timeshare is particularly complex, more so than traditional real estate transactions. Do you know what questions to ask? Do you know how to negotiate timeshare terms and conditions?

You also want to make sure the seller offers you a great deal and complies with the laws and standards of selling timeshares. You want to make sure you do not become a victim of false advertising. Having a timeshare legal professional by your side is best for this.

Timeshare Developer Laws

Timeshare laws regulate transactions. If you wish to develop timeshares, you must adhere to local regulations and laws. As with all regulations and laws, expect more than a little complexity and repercussions for failing to adhere to the latest rules.

If you wish to register a timeshare and/or sell a timeshare, have a timeshare attorney by your side. The right legal advocate knows timeshare regulations and laws and any particularities of your timeshare’s jurisdiction. Your attorney helps you make much better decisions in signing a contract.

State Timeshare Laws

As with most laws, each state has particularities. You may have experience with selling or buying timeshares in one state and be oblivious to the laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines of another state. Depending on the legislation, some states have more stringent laws than others. It is, therefore, crucial that you make yourself aware of these laws so you can abide by them fully.

We suggest doing your own research on your state’s timeshare law. This gives you a general idea of what to expect. Ensure you only rely on credible sources. However, as laws are complex, do not conduct a transaction based only on your understanding of the law. It is always better to have a qualified expert to aid you with your transaction.

This is why you need the aid of timeshare attorneys. They have more experience in dealing with timeshare transactions, know the timeshare laws of individual states and make it their mission to remain current on the latest changes to the law.

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