Divorce Law in Badger, AK

Do the expenses of divorce feel like too much to handle?

The Street suggests that divorces cost around $15,000 per person. However, there are ways that you can mitigate these costs. Furthermore, hiring a legal representative can give you tremendous peace of mind.

While they may be commonplace, many complexities can cause them to drag out. You can start to plan your way out of the marriage with minimal complications below.

Issues Involved in Badger, Alaska Divorce Law

There are many complicated issues that you need to settle during a divorce. Many of these elicit strong emotions from one party or the other and result in severe animosity.

Dividing Property 

Dividing property, debts, and assets is one of the stickiest challenges in divorce law. Anything you and your spouse purchased together in Alaska is subject to division.

Some states choose to split everything evenly, but others have chosen equitable splits. The latter involves weighing contributions by each spouse, which may not be a 50/50 division of property and assets.

Child Support 

Parents share the responsibility for their children’s healthcare, food, clothing, and other needs. Child support guidelines determine the amount each one should contribute. This decision often comes down based on income or how much time they spend with their kids.

The amount you have to pay depends on your adjusted income. This number comes from subtracting unavoidable expenses like union dues from your annual income. The judge will then order you to pay 20% of the result of that calculation.


Alimony, or spousal support, can vary dramatically depending on the marriage. Badger, AK divorce law court looks at multiple factors when determining the amount and length of alimony, including:

  • Need and the ability to pay
  • Age and health
  • Length of the marriage
  • Earning capacity and level of education
  • Division of property
  • Parental responsibility
  • Investments and assets of either spouse

There are two types of spousal support you may have to pay after a divorce in Badger. Reorientation support usually lasts a year or less and covers the costs of settling into another location. On the other hand, rehabilitation support can last for years and covers job training or schooling.

Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody arrangements are likely the most emotional issue to handle during a divorce. Regardless of the circumstances, the court must base their decision on the best interest of the child. Keeping this fact in focus will help you navigate the rough waters ahead.

Alaska Statutes offer an extensive list of criteria a judge can use to determine your child custody case. However, any evidence of domestic abuse is an easy disqualifier. Other significant factors to consider are:

  • Substance abuse
  • Capacity and interest to remain involved
  • Preferences expressed by the child
  • Any context the court deems to be relevant

Courts in Badger, Alaska only allow joint custody when the parents can make decisions together. They must agree on crucial issues like education, religious practices, and medical care. 

However, legal custody has nothing to do with physical custody or visitation. Joint custody does not necessarily mean that parents will split time with a child evenly. Similarly, sole custody does not keep a non-custodial parent from having visitation rights.

The Process of Going Through Divorce Law in Badger, Alaska

Are you leaning towards getting a divorce from your partner? If so, it is important to understand the necessary steps of the divorce law process.

Step 1: File the Divorce Law Petition

The divorce law process begins when one spouse files a petition to end the marriage. This request must include:

  • A legal reason for divorce (grounds for divorce)
  • A statement that shows at least one spouse meets the state’s residency requirements for divorce
  • Other statutory information

Most states offer the option for filing a no-fault divorce, which does not require a legal reason for the divorce.

The Alaska Court System uses either fault or no-fault proceedings for divorces from Badger.

Step 2: Request Temporary Orders

The divorce law process in Badger can take several months, but temporary orders can be requested and approved for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property restraining orders
  • Status quo orders

Request temporary orders as quickly as possible so you are not absent the resources or protection that you need.

Step 3: Serve Your Spouse and Wait for Their Response

You have to serve your spouse with papers when you are the one who files the divorce petition. Subsequently, proof of service needs to go to the court system. If your spouse accepts the paperwork, they must complete an affidavit to document their acceptance. Nonetheless, many situations call for services from the sheriff or a process server.

Step 4: Try To Come to an Agreement

Ideally, you can negotiate an uncontested divorce with your spouse. It can take a mediator to reach the point where you can agree on all issues. Achieving this legal agreement saves money and reduces the hostiliy that can come up during the process.

Step 5: Go To Court

If you cannot reach an agreement with your spouse, your case will go before a Badger, AK judge. There can be some advantages to leaving decisions to the court. Contrarily, it can be detrimental to your goals since you lose control over the final arrangement.

If your divorce goes to trial, it will likely go to a judge from the 4th District of the Alaska Court System.

Step 6: Receive the Judgment of Divorce

These legal proceedings conclude with an official judgment of divorce. This document sets expectations regarding property, child custody, and all other relevant issues.

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