Debt Collector Harassment in Chandler, AZ

Are you ready to stop harassing phone calls from debt collectors? Have the agencies that contact you crossed the line too many times?

It is easy for debtors in Chandler to believe they do not have much room to complain. Overdue bills may feel like a black-and-white issue, but you have rights that you can exercise. In some cases, you might even get the agency barred from operating in the area. Identify your options with us by reading this article and take action by scheduling a consultation!

Debt Collector Harassment in Chandler, Arizona

Debt collector harassment has become a politicized issue in Arizona recently. In December 2022, the Arizona Mirror reported on the battle over Prop. 209. This measure passed during the election and lowered the wage garnishment rate from 25% to 10%. Of course, agencies in Chandler and other cities mounted fierce opposition to convince the public to vote it down. But their efforts were unsuccessful, which may bode well for the sentiments juries may have while deliberating your case.

If you have experienced harassment, you may have the right to file a lawsuit under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Seek the assistance of an attorney in Chandler to determine your options and build a compelling case.


Misrepresentations by debt collectors involve using false, misleading, or deceptive tactics. They could make dishonest claims or misrepresent the amount or nature of a debt. Some examples of these illegal practices include the following:

  • Falsely representing themselves as attorneys.
  • Making erroneous legal threats or saying you will get arrested
  • Misleading consumers about the amount owed or the consequences of non-payment

If you believe debt collectors in Chandler, AZ have engaged in deceptive practices, you have legal options. You can seek the help of an attorney to understand the law and pursue legal action.

Who Are Debt Collectors?

Debt collectors may seem like a perplexing notion. Generally, they work for creditors who want to collect overdue bills. If you have outstanding debts in Chandler, your lender may contact an agency for assistance.

The agent for your case is responsible for contacting and persuading you to pay the outstanding debt. They often use repeated phone calls, letters, and other means of communication.

The Better Business Bureau identifies several accredited collection agencies in or near Chandler. You may have heard recently from one of the following organizations:

  • Equiant
  • Mesa Revenue Partners
  • BHK Financial
  • Thunderbird Collection Specialists

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Harassed By a Debt Collector In Chandler, Arizona?

Step 1: Know Your Rights

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) started in 1977 to safeguard consumers from unfair collection practices. It sets guidelines and restrictions for how debt collectors can communicate with debtors in Chandler. It also prohibits any form of harassment or misrepresentation. If a debt collector violates these rules, the victim can sue them.

Step 2: Collect Records

Have you been harassed in Chandler, AZ by a debt collector? If so, it’s important to begin to gather evidence.

If you may start a lawsuit against a debt collector for harassment, keep accurate and organized records. Some details that can be helpful to Chandler residents are:

  1. Call Logs: Document all phone calls received from the debt collector. Include the date, time, duration, and name of the representatives.
  2. Written Communication: Keep copies of any letters or other written communication.
  3. Medical Records: If suffered from physical or mental problems due to harassment, keep records related to these issues.
  4. Witness Statements: Ask witnesses to provide a written statement of the agency’s behavior.
  5. Financial Records: Keep track of all records related to the debt, including payments and account statements.

Step 3: Remain Calm and Act Deliberately

Remain calm and take deliberate actions when you handle abusive debt collectors in Chandler. By keeping your stress levels low and maintaining composure, you can demonstrate that you were respectful. This approach can help you build a stronger case and improve your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

Step 4: Ask for Debt Verification

Requesting debt verification can stop the constant calls from debt collectors in Chandler, AZ. This step makes the agency verify whether the collector has misrepresented your debt. Meanwhile, they cannot contact you until they provide the requested details.

The verification should include the debt amount and the creditor’s name. You have 30 days to dispute the validity. If you do not deny the debt, the creditor will consider it accurate.

Step 5: Contact an Attorney

Everyone deserves to live without abusive and repetitive phone calls from debt collectors. Local Chandler attorneys understand what to expect when suing for debt collection harassment and can stop the harassment. Moreover, they can protect you when agencies start making legal threats.

Step 6: Present Your Case

An expert lawyer in Chandler, AZ can increase your likelihood of succeeding in your lawsuit. They can argue for compensation for the damages caused, including phone harassment.

After your attorney files a lawsuit for debt collector harassment, the defendant must respond. Following this event, the court will schedule a hearing or trial date. During this period, both parties may exchange information and evidence related to the case.

Both parties will present their evidence and arguments to the judge or jury during the trial. If the plaintiff is successful, the court may order the debt collector to cease their behavior and provide compensation. Alternatively, your lawyer in Chandler may negotiate a settlement before final deliberations begin.

Work With an Experienced Chandler, Arizona Debt Collector Harassment Lawyer

If you have dealt with debt collector harassment in Chandler, AZ, you can put an end to it. Fortunately, there are laws to protect consumers from debt collectors. Legal assistance can help you navigate these complicated laws and defend yourself.

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