Coronavirus Lawyer

Coronavirus Lawyer

What Is a Coronavirus Lawyer?

Do you have a coronavirus-related legal matter you need to resolve? Are you concerned about finding a lawyer during the global pandemic? Call us today or complete the online contact form below to speak with a local coronavirus lawyer.

Coronavirus is the common name for COVID-19, a potentially deadly disease that often causes flu-like symptoms and respiratory distress. The virus spreads through person-to-person contact.

If you or someone you love has become ill or has a related issue, a coronavirus lawyer can likely help you resolve it. Which lawyer is right for your situation, though, likely depends on the associated area of law. Therefore, when looking for an attorney, it is critical to understand your legal issue.

Identify Potential Legal Issues

Because the coronavirus has turned into a widespread global pandemic, it is apt to touch virtually all aspects of society. That is, you may have a legal claim that stems for any number of virus-related matters.

Among others, these include the following:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Personal injury
  • Employment matters
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal law

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation provides wage replacement and medical bill reimbursement to individuals who have sustained an on-the-job injury or developed an occupational illness. If you acquire coronavirus at work, you may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

Proving you contracted coronavirus at work can be difficult. Still, if you believe you cannot do your job duties because of the Covid-19, talking to a worker’s comp lawyer probably makes sense. This type of lawyer can advise you of your legal options, which may or may not include taking advantage of workers’ comp coverage.

Personal Injury

Because coronavirus often makes individuals ill, you may have a valid personal injury claim. For example, if someone knowingly exposes you to the disease, you may be able to pursue financial compensation for assault or infliction of emotional distress.

More likely, though, you may need to proceed against someone on a negligence theory. With this approach, you show someone breached a duty to keep you safe from the virus. Either way, if you have become sick with the coronavirus because of someone else, a personal injury attorney can likely help you explore whether you have any legal recourse.

Employment Matters

Your employer may want you to work throughout the pandemic. You, though, may feel uncomfortable doing so. If you are having a disagreement with your employer, having an attorney who understand local employment laws may be in your best interests.

If you have grounds to do so, these attorneys can help you file a wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment charge. Alternatively, if you fear for your safety, they can help you understand your return-to-work options.


The coronavirus pandemic has taken a significant toll on the economy, with many individuals losing their jobs or facing layoffs. If you fall behind on your monthly bills, a bankruptcy attorney can help you explore your legal and financial options.

Similarly, if you are facing eviction because you cannot pay rent or your mortgage, a bankruptcy attorney may help. This type of attorney can help you prepare for bankruptcy or seek other financial solutions.

Criminal Law

In some places, state, county and local laws require individuals to follow certain rules during the pandemic. For example, you may have a legal responsibility to wear a face covering, abide by a curfew or shutter your business.

If you violate these rules, you may find yourself facing criminal charges. While the consequences vary from place to place, you may have to pay a fine or even spend time in jail.

A criminal attorney can help you understand your risk and mount a defense. Alternatively, this type of lawyer may be able to negotiate charges with prosecutors or pursue a plea deal.

Understand the Unique Challenges of Finding a Lawyer

Even though the coronavirus pandemic may have presented you with legal problems you must solve, you may feel some trepidation about finding an attorney during the health crisis. Fortunately, many lawyers have taken steps to protect the safety of clients.

Social Distancing

Most attorneys understand the risk that coronavirus presents to individuals. Therefore, many lawyers have chosen to implement social distancing measures. When you attend an in-person meeting, you should expect to maintain a safe social distance.

Your attorney may ask you to meet in a large conference room our outside. He or she may also discontinue use of the waiting room, requesting you remain in your vehicle until the time of your appointment.

During your meeting, you should also avoid handshakes and other physical contact.

Facial Coverings

In addition to respecting social distancing, your lawyer may ask you to wear a facial covering to the office. This covering helps to contain virus spread. If you forget to bring your mask, your attorney may reschedule your meeting.

Routine Sanitation

Many attorneys have contracted with cleaning services to sanitize public meeting spaces. In between appointments, someone from the lawyer’s office may also scrub down desks, doorknobs and other spaces. Your lawyer may also ask you to use hand sanitizer before and after your meeting.

Technology Usage

While some attorney-client meetings must take place in person, many others are excellent opportunities for technology usage. Your lawyer may ask you to communicate using videoconferencing software. You can expect your lawyer to use software that has protocols in place to protect the confidentiality of private information.

Work With an Experienced Local Lawyer

The coronavirus has added some uncertainty to everyday life. Nevertheless, if you have a legal issue that directly or indirectly relates to the pandemic, you probably want an attorney on your side.

The right attorney can investigate your matter and advise you on the law of your state. If you need to take legal action, your attorney can help you build a comprehensive case. Alternatively, he or she may negotiate an extrajudicial resolution to your issue.

Because coronavirus lawyers keep current with the changing legal landscape, you are apt to benefit from their knowledge. Do not wait to find answers to your pressing questions. Submit a request online or call us today at (866) 345-6784 to get in touch with an experienced lawyer in your area!

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