Child Support in Scranton, PA

What Is Child Support?

Child support is a financial obligation that a parent has to pay to support her or his child. This continues as they age and mature. Are you the parent who has custody of your son or daughter currently? If so, then the court will assume that the child receives full financial support while residing in your residence.

However, if your child does not live in your house and she or he is not currently under your custody, the court may require you to pay the custodial parent. In Pennsylvania, the Court of Common Pleas handles family matters, including child support and child custody cases. If you live in Scranton, you will typically have your case handled by the Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas.

In , Pennsylvania this means that you have to make payments to the custodial parent until your child reaches adulthood. There are other situations where you may only have to make payments. For example, if the courts have legally declared your child as emancipated or they go into military active duty. Keep in mind that if your child has special needs, there may be a requirement that you have to make child support payments past the legal age of adulthood.

Terminating Rights

Do you wonder if you can terminate your parental rights and not pay child support? Most states will not allow a parent to do this and cease support unless they meet certain requirements. There may be some situations where a court ends financial responsibilities if both parents agree that one party no longer has to provide support. One situation where a parent may be able to stop her or his responsibility to child support is if someone else, like a stepparent, adopts the child.

Pennsylvania law outlines the grounds for involuntary termination of parental rights in Scranton. These rights may become terminated if the parent refuses or fails to perform parental duties for a period of at least six months. Other grounds include physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and mental incapacity. Parental rights may also end if the parent is the father of a child conceived as a result of rape or incest. Furthermore, this termination of rights may also occur if the parent becomes convicted of aggravated assault or murder. Alternatively, you can petition the court for Voluntary Relinquishment of all Parental Rights and Duties.

Do you believe that the other parent has violated your rights to receive child support? Then get immediate legal help from an experienced Scranton lawyer on standby in your area who can help you fight for your child’s right to financial stability.

How a Scranton, Pennsylvania Child Support Attorney Can Help You

If you constantly struggle to get the other parent to pay, hiring a lawyer can help you learn about your available options and guide you on the best decision for your son or daughter.

Many people struggle with parents who refuse to pay. Hiring an experienced and dedicated lawyer will bring you professional help while navigating the legal system. Additionally, you may also have an easier time getting the money your child needs and deserves to better ensure a stable childhood.

In Scranton, child support can happen through a court order, typically as part of a child custody action. Alternatively, you can file a petition online with the PA Child Support Program. Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Child Support Enforcement can address payment delinquency through a variety of methods. These methods include workers compensation intercept, driver’s license suspension, and tax refund intercept. Other methods can include work requirements, passport denial, income withholding, and property liens. As a last resort, the delinquent parent can be in contempt of court, which can result in fines and jail time.

Whether you look to receive child support payments as a part of an agreed-upon divorce settlement or you are not married and look to receive financial support, hiring a legal professional in Scranton with a background in child support can help to streamline the entire process. Without the help of a legal advocate, the cost of living can quickly drain your bank account and involve traumatic experiences for your unsupported children.

Working with an attorney can help you to:

  • Establish paternity
  • Answer a child support petition
  • File a petition for support
  • Request a child support order
  • Explain the tax consequences that come with a child support order
  • Work with the other parent to reach an agreement
  • Represent you in court
  • Locate the other parent
  • Subpoena the other parent’s financial information
  • Prove income
  • Determine any factors that a court will look at to calculate the amount owed
  • Educate you on the available child support enforcement options
  • Give you an estimate of how much financial support you may receive from the other parent

Do you believe that you deserve to receive payment from the other parent or that you are not receiving a sufficient amount? If you have to answer, yes, then make every effort to avoid missing what your kid deserves. Work with a dedicated Scranton, Pennsylvania lawyer who fights for your rights as well as your child’s rights.

Information to Share With Your Lawyer

As you work with your lawyer, make sure you share proper documentation to better ensure that you can properly proceed with your case in Scranton. The information that you need to share with your attorney includes:

  • Check stubs for the last two years or more if applicable
  • Outstanding debts
  • A change in debt, such as filing for bankruptcy
  • Paternity records
  • Adoption records
  • Previous child support payment records
  • Bonds, stocks, or any retirement account records
  • Tax return records
  • Purchase of sale records for a home, land, or any other type of assets
  • Any child support forms that you have

The Pennsylvania Support Guidelines determine child support in Scranton using the Income Shares Model. The model depends on the principle that the child should receive the same amount of parental support as if the parents were together. Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services offers a Child Support Estimator tool to estimate your payments. Conveniently, you can pay child support online through the Pennsylvania Child Support Program.

Work With an Experienced Local Lawyer in Scranton, Pennsylvania

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