What Is Adoption Law?

Adoption Law Process and Legal Help

An experienced adoption law lawyer can help parents who are adopting to understand their responsibilities and their new rights to help them make the best decisions for themselves and their adopted child.

An adoption lawyer can help you understand the legal process involved with going to court to terminate the child’s biological parents’ rights. After these rights have been legally terminated, you can proceed with the adoption. Depending on the state that you live in, there may be an adoption law that requires you to work with an experienced adoption lawyer, which benefits you as well as the child.

Adoption attorneys are responsible for creating drafts and reviewing contracts. Adoption lawyers also work alongside both the biological and the adopting parents. Experienced adoption lawyers can help you anticipate potential obstacles in the process, answer your questions and help you understand the expenses involved with adopting a child.

Why You Should Hire An Adoption Attorney

Adoption lawyers are legal practitioners who have expertise in family law. Some of the additional services that an adoption attorney can provide include facilitating communication, protecting families’ financial investments, locating birth mothers and overseeing living expenses.

An adoption lawyer will help to place children into safe homes. This is often with families that children may not be biologically related to. When you first start the adoption process, legal advocates can help you to understand the process required. This includes terminating the birth rights and responsibilities of the biological parents. Adoption attorneys will also help you comprehend what you need to do to legally adopt a child.

During the finalization of the adoption process, your adoption lawyer can help you to settle any apprehensions you may harbor. Then you can make the right and best decisions for the child that you choose to welcome into your heart and home.

Expanding your family through the process of adoption can be one of the most exciting moments of your life. While you may feel that you can navigate the legal waters well enough on your own with help from online resources, books and other related materials, you are sure to be much better off and happier by working with a legal professional. They have the experience and resources necessary to complete the adoption as quickly as possible. And of course this is all done adhering to the latest adoption laws.

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Types of Adoptions

The experience of adopting a child into your family should be a thrilling one. However, the legalities behind adoption can be quite complex. Hiring a lawyer experienced with adoption law can greatly benefit your family as you move through the legal process.

Hiring an adoption lawyer near you is especially important.  It’s common to not be sure about the different types of adoption processes:

Public Adoption Law

Local, state and federal sources fund public adoption. When you adopt a child from foster care, you participate in public adoption.

This adoption process involves arranging meetings between social workers or supervisors. This also includes prospective parents interested in adopting a foster child. A public adoption may also entail matching a child with an adoptive family with the help of a placement committee.

Private Adoption Law

Private adoption processes include when a birth parent works with an agency to choose the potential adoptive parents for their birth child. This process gives adoptive parents and birth parents the opportunity to know each other before the adoption officially takes place.

There are also some other cases with private options that allow an agency to work independently to match a child with potential adoptive parents.

Stepchild Adoption Law

Stepchild adoption is the most common type of adoption. This type of adoption happens when the stepparent adopts the child of his or her spouse, resulting in a stepparent becoming the legal parent of that child.

This also means that the biological parent of that child will no longer have parental rights responsibilities for the soon-to-be-adopted child. For a stepparent to adopt her or his stepchild, the stepparent must have the consent of both biological parents to complete the adoption process. That is, unless the biological parent has already lost his or her parental rights.

Kinship Adoption Law

When a child has an interest in a public dependency system, the ultimate goal is for the child and her or his birth parents to reunite. However, if the child cannot reunite with his or her birth parents, there is a chance that the child must next go into kinship care.

Kinship care is when an extended birth family member takes care of the child. Sometimes placing the child in a birth family member’s care is not a possibility. Then adoption agencies may seek to terminate parental rights. Kinship adoption allows an extended family member to adopt the child.

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