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Zoning Law

What Are Zoning Laws?

Are you starting a building project but are unsure about the legal process? Depending on the building project you want to start, zoning laws can be incredibly confusing to the average person. With so many professionals to consult with, contracts to sign, and rules to follow, it is no surprise you need professional help.

When you start your building project, you must understand local zoning laws to avoid legal trouble. Failure to follow zoning laws can result in hefty fines and even jail time. A land use and zoning attorney not only walks you through the process, but she or he also protects you as you navigate the murky waters of construction and real estate.

Starting a Building Project

If you already started a project, you probably realize by now that doing so is not a simple feat. Building projects, especially larger ones, require plenty of steps and even more knowledge.

Before you can even start building, spend some time in the planning process. If you feel unsure about the building layout, consider getting help with the design process. Design professionals have experience with creating a functional, sturdy, and visually pleasing space.

Once you find a design professional, you can start working on developing the design. This process includes creating a rough floorplan to look over and revise as needed. This is a very bare-bones starting point for the design, as it only determines the project layout.

Next, meet with architects to find the best one to help you plan construction costs. If you have experience with designing buildings and construction, you may do the project on your own.

Whether you ask for help with the project or do it yourself, you need some help learning local zoning laws. This is the same stage in which you get your project approved and your building permit.

Common Zoning Law Violations

Zoning laws create structure, organization, and peace of mind in real estate. When parties violate these laws, nearby neighbors may grow upset and bring law enforcement into the situation. Here are some common zoning violations:

1. Starting Construction in an Area Where Your Building Is Not Allowed

Every city has different zoning regulations, so this violation varies depending on where you live. An example would be building a factory or another building that produces harmful waste too close to a residential neighborhood.

2. Building in a Way That Obstructs Someone’s View or Airspace

If you purchased a gorgeous home with a view of the water, you likely paid a pretty penny for that gorgeous view, right? Well, if someone came along and built a project in a way that completely obstructed your view of the water, that may be considered a zoning violation. Because you purchased the property with the promise of a water view, another party cannot come along and block that.

3. Creating Excess Noise That Violates the Local Limits

Many people live in rural areas because they enjoy nature and the peacefulness that comes with it. Depending on your area, zoning laws prevent a large factory from being built across the street from homes in these rural areas. Zoning laws designate where residential buildings can be built as well as where certain types of commercial buildings can be.

Are you unsure of how your project compares to these common zoning violations? Talk with one of our trusted attorneys to learn about how you can avoid these issues.

When You Should Hire a Zoning Lawyer

Ideally, you would hire a land lawyer when starting any new building project. This saves you from making costly and illegal mistakes during construction. Your project requires a few different contracts from a few different parties. Because of that, it is wise to have an attorney present.

An attorney can help you understand what the documents say. Because legal documents are often wordy and confusing for the average person, an attorney can simplify the language for you so you know exactly what you agree to. Plus, if you need accommodations for your situation, your lawyer can help you get those.

If you feel you cannot complete your project how you want because of the zoning law, you do not need to just give up and forget the project. The law may be worth fighting for to use your property how you want to (within reason) if you paid for it. Your zoning attorney can help you argue your case and represent you in court.

If you feel someone is building a new project in an area where they should not, consider a zoning attorney for that, too. The person building the new construction may not be aware of the laws around the project. Do not ignore the construction, as you have the right to ask for help if the construction affects your quality of life.

If you have any questions regarding zoning laws, whether you are near construction or are working on the new construction, a zoning attorney could be a great asset for you.

Work With an Experienced Local Zoning Law Lawyer

Are you trying to start your building project but are not sure where to start? Or, is there a business building in an area that impacts your quality of life? A zoning attorney’s job is protecting your rights no matter what side of the situation you are on.

Hiring an experienced zoning attorney is necessary for getting the result you legally deserve. We understand that zoning laws can be a lot to research and take in, so let an attorney well-versed in the laws help you with your case.

You should not have to cancel your dream project or deal with new construction that negatively affects you or your neighborhood. Let one of our trusted professionals help.

To get started, submit a request online or call us today at (866) 345-6784 to get in touch with an experienced lawyer in your area!

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