Despite decades of responsibility, homeowners can suddenly find themselves facing foreclosure. As a result, you may not know where to turn.

That’s where our service can help. We can help you find a solution that meets your unique requirements by providing access to qualified foreclosure lawyers.

What to Expect When You Talk to Us About Foreclosure

But what can and should you expect when you contact us? Above everything, we’re here to provide the support you need to protect your rights and home. Reading this article will help you feel more informed, show you how a lawyer can help stop foreclosure and give you the confidence to reach out today.

Ethics and Standards

Any service in our industry should adhere to ethical standards and guidelines for attorney referrals. We dedicate ourselves to complying with state and local laws, maintaining a fair process, and ensuring competent legal representation.


A professional lawyer referral service should protect client confidentiality. Therefore, we only share information with qualified attorneys. Moreover, we take steps to safeguard our data and do not share or sell to third parties. For more details, please read through our privacy policy. Rest easy knowing that confidentiality is something to expect when you talk to us about foreclosure.


We respect and understand that foreclosure legal issues can be overwhelming. Our representatives listen carefully to your concerns and work to make you feel comfortable with the referral. In addition, acting with care makes us more efficient at finding an attorney that meets your needs. There is a reason why we have connected over 5 million Americans with legal help since we started our service.

Important Questions

Our representatives will likely ask a few questions to qualify your situation. These inquiries help us find an appropriate local foreclosure attorney for your case.

What type of mortgage do you have, and what are the terms?

We may ask about the type and terms of a mortgage to better understand the framework of the case. The legal implications of these elements may affect what an attorney recommends. For example, knowing these details can help identify different defense strategies:

  1. Priority of liens
  2. Deficiency judgments
  3. Redemption rights

How many payments have you missed, and how far behind are you?

Your answer to this question can provide critical insight into your financial situation and urgency. Additionally, understanding the number of missed payments can identify or rule out effective legal foreclosure strategies. For instance, you may have missed too many payments to make a repayment plan affordable.

Have you received any notices of default or other legal notices?

Knowing whether you have received notification can impact the timeline and legal requirements. Each state mandates that lenders give notice before they start foreclosure proceedings.

For instance, lenders in California must provide a notice of default at least 20 days before the sale date. Also, the borrower can cure the default up to five business days before the auction.

If you did not receive a notice, that alone can be an effective defense. Conversely, receiving the paperwork may trigger deadlines or legal requirements to mitigate loss.

Have you tried to work out a loan modification or other alternatives?

Understanding what you have tried to remedy the situation can tell us where you are in the process. If you have not explored this option, we can find an attorney skilled in negotiation to work with your lender. They may create a strategy to arrange a loan modification that keeps you in your home.

Do you have any income or assets to pay off the debt?

Your overall financial stability affects the feasibility of different outcomes. You may have enough income to negotiate a repayment plan. Alternatively, there could be a short sale that minimizes the impact or necessity of foreclosure.

What is the property’s current value, and are there any liens or other encumbrances?

Assessments, liens, and other aspects can influence the value of your property and course of action during foreclosure. Multiple judgment liens can also mean more complex negotiations with the various lien-holders. Each piece of this question is necessary to align your circumstance with the appropriate legal counsel.

Do you have any other outstanding debts or legal issues that could affect the foreclosure process?

Other outstanding debts or legal issues can impact the foreclosure process in several ways. For example, certain liens or debts may have priority over others. As a result, the distribution of proceeds or the potential for deficiency judgments may differ.

Are you currently living in the property, or is it a rental or investment property?

This information can affect the legal options available. You can qualify for government-backed foreclosure prevention programs if the property is your primary residence. In particular, the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) is not for rental property owners.

Have you consulted with other professionals?

Other professionals may be able to provide helpful information or advice about your situation. A financial advisor, for example, may be able to develop a budget or financial plan that can avoid future difficulties. Also, an accountant may be able to provide advice on tax implications or evaluate the overall situation. Sharing this detail can help us have a more informed referral to a local attorney.

Do you have any questions or concerns about the foreclosure process?

Foreclosure can be complex, and many people may not fully understand their legal rights. Accordingly, gathering accurate and helpful information is the most efficient way to refer a lawyer. If you have several questions or concerns, that can indicate what type of support you need.

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