Time is of the essence when you find yourself caught in a legal situation. We also understand that trying to find an attorney can stir feelings of urgency and anxiety. However, there are instances where we cannot facilitate a connection to a legal provider.

We know that you rely on us during a stressful time in your life, and take that very seriously. That is why we created this article. We want to demystify the reasons behind this issue, clarify why these situations happen, and equip you with a way to move forward.

Reasons We May Not Have Matched You With an Attorney

Liability- Who is at Fault?

There has to be someone for a lawyer to go after in order to get you the compensation you deserve. It comes down to who is at fault for your incident.

Essentially, is there someone to sue? If you hit a tree because you were distracted, there is no one to sue. If you were hit, but the person drove away and cannot be identified(in most states), there is no one to sue. If you fell off a ladder or slipped and fell in your own home, there is no civil complaint to file.

If someone is clearly at fault, and that person is not you, there may be some other reason we were unable to connect you at this time.

Current Legal Representation

This situation may seem puzzling at first glance. Why would having an attorney make it problematic to find another?

The answer lies in the ethical obligations that govern the legal profession. Lawyers are reluctant to intervene in an existing attorney-client relationship without good reason. They have to avoid conflicts of interest and respect the current dynamics.

Lawyers must provide undivided attention and expertise to their client’s case. Having legal representation can muddy the waters and complicate matters. It could lead to conflicting advice and strategies against your best interests. Furthermore, it is a professional discourtesy to take a client from another firm without a compelling justification.

So, what are your options if you already have representation? The first and most straightforward action is to discuss your concerns with your current lawyer. They may address your issues directly or refer you to another professional for consultation. This approach maintains the integrity of your existing relationship but also opens the door for specialized advice.

Expired Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is a fixed period when you must start legal action. Generally, attorneys cannot help once this window closes. The merits of your claim or details of your situation cease to matter after the deadline.

The law is unequivocal regarding time limits for filing lawsuits or other legal actions. Taking on such a case would not only be futile but could also pose ethical risks for an attorney. After all, they must represent clients effectively and within the bounds of the law.

What should you do if you find yourself in this predicament? There may be exceptions or alternative pathways that apply to your specific situation. It is rare, but there are circumstances under which the statute can become tolled or paused. This action gives you more time. Secondly, you can consider non-legal avenues like out-of-court settlements or mediation. Understanding your limitations will better equip you for future legal endeavors.

Limited Availability in Your Area

Having a local expert can be vital to your legal issues. However, sometimes we encounter the hard truth that we cannot find someone with availability. This limitation can be especially true for those residing in less populated regions. Alternatively, you may have an issue that requires highly specialized legal assistance.

Why does this happen? It is often a matter of supply and demand. Legal experts tend to cluster together in cities and specialize in more common areas of law.

Consequently, our inability to find an expert does not reflect on your case’s validity. It is a limitation of our current network and the broader landscape or simply, an attorney’s availability in the moment your request came in.

We work diligently to connect you even for a period of time after your request. We also work to expand our attorney network that may have gaps at various times. Check with us again and we may have something for you in the future.

What’s Next?

The journey through the legal system is rarely straightforward. While we strive to make this process smoother by connecting you with legal experts, we may fall short. Nevertheless, our aim remains unchanged: to empower you with resources like our blog.

We understand the weight of the responsibility you entrust to us. We work relentlessly to ensure that we can connect you with an attorney. Our commitment is unwavering, from expanding our network to refining our processes.

We invite you to keep exploring your legal options and not lose heart. If your circumstances have changed, call (866) 345-6784 or complete our online form again.

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