Stressing about what a recent arrest means for yourself or a family member?

The immediate actions that follow this event can determine what follows. If you do not pay careful attention, an army of Arlington, Virginia attorneys will not be much help. Allow yourself to take a few deep breaths and read this article to find out what Arlington, Virginia attorneys can do after an arrest?

Let Your Attorney Do the Talking!

Before we leap into what Arlington, Virginia attorneys can do for you, we must cover this vital topic.

The United States has a Miranda Warning for several critical and constitutional reasons. Anything you say to the police can further incriminate yourself and cause legal jeopardy. If you find yourself under arrest in Virginia, your criminal defense lawyer has more options when you maintain your silence.

With this said, you should also understand the essentials of the Raffel v. U.S. case. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that when a suspect cooperates with law enforcement, they must continue to do so. In effect, you waive your fourth and fifth amendment rights. You cannot backtrack and reclaim this entitlement. As a result, this fact makes keeping quiet even more crucial while dealing with the police.

Another wrinkle to consider is that saying nothing can work against you in some situations. However, you do not want to do so without the input of legal counsel. Make it clear you will not answer any questions before consulting with a Virginia criminal lawyer. Taking this step is reasonable and helps to avoid further suspicions.

Interviewing a Client

A criminal defense attorney begins their work by interviewing the suspect of a crime. They must learn every detail to advocate for them, so taking this step is fundamental. This consultation also assists with the analysis of your liability. Based on this knowledge, they can best recommend a course of action such as taking a plea deal or going to trial.

Arranging for Bail

The nature of the criminal charges will dramatically affect the availability and cost of bail. However, Virginia law only has a couple of reasons why the state can deny this opportunity. First, a judge would need probable cause to believe a suspect would not appear at trial. Additionally, if someone could be a risk to themselves or others, you may not have the option to leave jail.

Otherwise, the Virginia Circuit Criminal Manual gives a judge authority over the amount of your bail. Several distinct factors will affect this determination. The nature of the crime, criminal record, and family ties are a few elements taken into account. A criminal defense attorney will advocate for how your situation fits these criteria.

Advocating for a Reduction in the Charges

Multiple paths exist for a possible reduction in the charges you may face in an Arlington courtroom. Each of them is best served by having a legal advocate by your side. For example, your criminal defense attorney can pursue these options:

  • Offering to testify against a different defendant
  • Presenting exculpatory evidence
  • Demonstrating a violation of your rights by law enforcement
  • Negotiating a plea deal

Building a Defense

While you want to remain silent while dealing with the police, the opposite is true with your attorney. They can only build a strategy if you share everything with them. Even what seems like an insignificant detail can become the lynchpin of your defense. Some examples of what to share are:

  • Information about others involved with the alleged crime
  • Witnesses who may testify against you in court
  • Details about what happened during your arrest and booking
  • Text, emails, and other communications related to the incident

Work With Experienced Arlington, Virginia Attorneys

So, what can Arlington, Virginia attorneys do after an arrest? How can they best serve you? Hopefully, we have answered some of your questions, but there is always more to know! We can help you connect with an attorney across state lines. Submit a request online or call us today at (866) 345-6784 to get in touch!

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