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What Is a Retainer Fee?

A lawyer retainer fee is an advance payment for a lawyer before she performs any legal work for you. It acts as a guarantee to the attorney to receive full compensation for legal service. The legal advocate deducts the fee from the total cost of the service.

Why You Need an Lawyer on Retainer

Immediate Legal Help

If you often find yourself in legal trouble, finding a good lawyer at a moment’s notice can become a daunting task. Retaining an attorney allows you to tackle your legal issues as soon as they arise because you always have legal help a phone call away from a person who clearly understanding of your needs.

Preventative Measures

Often, people avoid reaching out to lawyers when they have legal concerns. A lawyer on retainer guides you or your business to make good legal choices, better preventing you from legal loopholes.

Billing Tailored to Your Needs

Many law firms charge a significant amount for consultations. A retainer agreement stipulates your billing schedule.

Avoid the inconvenience of surprise legal bills by retaining an attorney. Having a designated lawyer implies that you pay for your legal services the moment you need it.

Peace of Mind

Knowing you have a reliable lawyer on retainer gives you peace of mind. Many entrepreneurs often encounter business situations that require legal knowledge of multiple disciplines of law.

By having an attorney on retainer, you can always count on legal representation whenever trouble emerges.

Strong Attorney-Client Bond

A long-term attorney-client relationship allows your lawyer to develop a strong legal framework to protect your needs. It also enables you to comply with any legislative changes that might occur. This is especially crucial for business owners.


Retainers are useful to businesses that need constant legal help but do not have the money to hire a full-time lawyer.

Additionally, individuals expecting a lot of legal work in the near future may want an attorney on retainer. Lawyers can help you with routine legal issues such as lawsuits, real estate transactions and updating wills.

Why Must You Pay a Lawyer Retainer Fee?

Compensates the Attorney for Expertise and Experience

Often, having the right attorney can mean winning your case or settling out of court. Therefore, it makes sense to compensate your lawyer for utilizing her or his skills and experience.

Protects the Attorney From Unforeseen Circumstances

As you proceed with your court case, your attorney uses the retainer fee to defray some incurred expenses. Additionally, if the client cannot pay in time, the lawyer uses the retainer fee as part of his or her compensation.

Compensates the Lawyer for Being on Standby

The moment you get into any legal trouble, your lawyer may have to forego other potentially gainful opportunities to work on your lawsuit. The retainer fee, therefore, acts as compensation for your attorney setting aside other business opportunities.

How a Retainer Fee Agreement Works

Once you get in touch with a lawyer for court representation, you may have to pay an upfront fee. The lawyer should provide the client with the retainer agreement that shows the retainer fee and the necessary procedure to take in case funds lack in the retainer account.

After every month, the attorney sends the client an invoice. In case of any additional costs, the lawyer should bill you for more funds.

Keep in mind that clients must terminate their retainer agreements whenever they feel unsatisfied with their attorneys’ services, which the agreement must specify.

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How Much Does a Retainer Cost?

The exact amount lawyers charge for a retainer fee varies. Similarly, the charges differ depending on the complexities of the clients’ court case. Legal professionals calculate individual retainer fees by multiplying their hourly rate by the estimated minimum hours of the court case.

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