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What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is one of the most common crimes in the world. Moreover, criminals continue to devise new ways to acquire information they shouldn’t have in their possession. These crimes usually result in using personal details for fraudulent actions.

Identity thieves could already have what they need from you to open new financial accounts. Additionally, they could fabricate tax returns, make substantial purchases, or even receive medical treatment in your name.

Hire an experienced attorney in Provo, UT while you work with customer service departments. Taking this step will help you stay front of mind with the companies that are essential to protecting your interests.

Utah currently ranks 20th in the country for identity theft. According to recent data, there have been 4,702 reports leading to over $9 million in losses. Credit card, loan, and phone fraud are among the top causes of these incidents.

How Does Identity Theft Happen in Provo, Utah?

Identity theft can occur through various means. Nevertheless, there are enduring tactics every consumer should know:

  • Public WiFi networks often lack encryption and are easy targets for hackers. Do not use them unless you have a VPN.
  • Changing your address without your knowledge is an evergreen tactic for fraudsters. As a result, they may receive mail with your most important details.
  • Digital malware and viruses are pervasive and can even follow your keystrokes to give away passwords.
  • Criminals can place ATM or card skimmers that read your credit card information. They may install these at gas pumps or even convenience stores as well.
  • Data breaches of substantial corporations can result in gaining thousands of credit cards or Social Security numbers.

What Are Some Provo, Identity Theft Laws

The penalties for identity theft in Utah range from misdemeanors to felonies. For example, using someone’s information from Provo without consent is a third-degree felony. Additionally, there are laws against possessing identification documents or possessing equipment used for this type of fraud.

How Can I Detect Identity Theft?

It can often be challenging to detect if someone stole your identity. However, you can be alert to several indicators of identity theft by being proactive. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

  1. Watch for unfamiliar charges or withdrawals on your bank statements.
  2. Report missing mail or unexpected changes in deliveries.
  3. Take note of calls or emails about unfamiliar accounts or purchases.
  4. Examine your credit report for inaccurate personal information.
  5. Receiving notices from the IRS or other tax-related issues.
  6. Investigate unusual activity or unrecognized accounts on your social media or email.
  7. Discovering sudden and unexplained drops in your credit score.

How Do I Recover From Identity Fraud in Provo, Utah?

The initial step you should take is to promptly get in touch with your financial institutions. Some companies may even offer the option to block further usage through their mobile app.

Next, you should contact the relevant institutions if you notice any discrepancies. Reach out to the places or services where suspicious transactions took place. Additionally, it is advisable to close any accounts or cancel subscriptions that may have been compromised.

The first step to report identity theft in Provo is to contact the police department. You should also submit a report to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. They can assist in documenting the identity theft and investigating the matter. Finally, victims can report the fraud to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by submitting a complaint through their website.

If you do not already have a credit monitoring account, it is worth considering acquiring one. These services offer continuous monitoring of your credit accounts.

Depending on the situation, you may choose to freeze or close the account temporarily. Additionally, in the event that you encounter any difficulties, a reputable attorney in Provo can provide valuable assistance.

Identity Theft Protections

You must remain proactive to protect yourself against identity theft. We suggest you adopt the following precautions to mitigate your risk:

  • Sign up for accounts with complicated passwords and change them regularly
  • Shred any paperwork that contains sensitive financial or personal information
  • Subscribe to a VPN service
  • Avoid links from unknown email addresses
  • Use two-step authentication for your online accounts

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