Identity Theft in Badger, AK

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Alaska regularly and aggressively prosecutes identity theft. For example, they secured a 78-month sentence and hundreds of thousands in restitution in December 2022.

You may have become used to seeing similar reports on your favorite news source in Badger. But when you fall victim to fraud, you may not know what to do. You can put the fear and confusion to rest by meeting with a local identity theft attorney.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is regrettably common, and criminals continue to create new methods to steal information. Their crimes can include the fraudulent use of data such as your SSN or credit card numbers.

Identity thieves can create financial accounts without your knowledge. Moreover, they may have filed fake tax returns, completed purchases, or even received medical care in your name.

Your first response is often to contact customer service to find a satisfactory resolution. When you have an expert Badger, AK attorney, this process doesn’t have to be painful. They might even be able to fast-track the process. Furthermore, it can take a lawyer to get the attention you deserve.

There were 926 reports of identity theft in Alaska in 2020 alone. This volume means that 127 per 100,000 residents had their most sensitive details taken from them. Based on current statistics, Badger residents were at the highest risk for credit card fraud.

How Does Identity Theft Happen in Badger, Alaska?

There are many methods employed to steal your identity. For instance, hackers continue to create data-stealing techniques and software. Regardless, there are well-worn and frequent methods consumers should know to remain vigilant:

  • Data breaches often make headlines when they happen. Many companies have crucial information to process payments or applications. Hackers who want to sell data on the black market will attack their servers to get information about thousands or millions of people at once. 
  • Fraudsters may install card skimmers to capture credit card numbers at ATMs, retail stores, or gas pumps. Generally, they can find their way into any place with a POS system.
  • Viruses and malware can take your private information through phishing attacks or P2P networks. One of the most frequent tactics is to send an email with legitimate-seeming links.
  • Old-fashioned physical theft can lead to identity theft also. Therefore, you must keep close track of your belongings and collect your mail regularly.
  • Fraudsters have also found ways to submit a change of address to obtain your mail. Once they have what they want, they can open accounts or secure loans before you realize what happened. 
  • Public WiFi networks are often a target-rich environment for scammers. Even someone with rudimentary hacking skills can take sensitive details from the devices connected to them.

What Are Some Badger, Identity Theft Laws

Alaska Statutes have established what constitutes identity theft in Badger. Furthermore, they authorize actions you can take to protect yourself. For instance, you have a right to report this activity to the police and freeze credit accounts. You can also work with a local attorney to file a petition for a factual declaration of innocence. This recognition from the court system can be necessary to prevent charges for crimes committed in your name.

How Can I Detect Identity Theft?

As you may have discovered, you may not always know when your identity has become compromised. However, that fact does not mean you are helpless. You can remain vigilant about these signs that someone has the most personal information in your life:

  • Strange deposits, purchases, or credit alerts
  • Receiving bills for services you did not request or receive
  • Opening a letter from the IRS about a duplicate tax return
  • Unexplained and unexpected changes to your credit score
  • Missing mail that should arrive at your primary residence
  • Noticing news stories about data breaches at a company you recognize
  • Harassing phone calls and letters from debt collection agencies

How Do I Recover From Identity Fraud in Badger, Alaska?

The first step to recovery is to call financial institutions and suspend your compromised cards. Many of these companies allow you to complete this task on their app.

Next, you need to contact the banks and lenders where there are discrepancies. In particular, you want to speak to a representative about suspicious transactions. It is also a good idea to talk to the places that provided the goods or services purchased under pretenses. Ultimately, you may have to close or cancel accounts and subscriptions.

Victims of identity theft from Badger will want to report the crime to the Fairbanks Police Department. According to the Fairbanks North Star Borough, you can also contact the Alaska State Troopers. If you send an online report, law enforcement officials will assign a case number after they review the information. Finally, you should strongly consider going to the FTC as well.

If you have not already, sign up for a credit monitoring service. This service will give you oversight and alert you to suspicious activity. You can start a temporary freeze or close the account when something happens. When necessary, a Badger attorney can also help you right some of these wrongs.

Identity Theft Protections

You will have to be proactive to protect yourself from identity theft. A few of the suggestions below may seem like common sense. Nonetheless, there are many situations where someone could give their personal information without a second thought. We recommend that you take the following types of precautions:

  • Install malware detection software and a VPN on your devices
  • Do not click on any suspicious-looking links in your email
  • Use a complex password and change them regularly
  • Shred physical documents that have financial or personal details before throwing them away
  • Turn down any unsolicited requests for your personal information

Work With an Experienced Local Lawyer in Badger, Alaska

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