Do you have a favorite lawyer joke?

Attorneys have long been the target of comedic jibes. While you may have other reasons for hesitating, you also do not want to lend too much credence to stereotypes.

How Do You Know You Found a Fairfax Criminal Attorney You Can Trust?

When you or a loved one face jail time, you must make a series of difficult decisions. Finding a Fairfax criminal attorney you can trust does not have to be one of them. So, how do you know you have found a Fairfax criminal attorney you can trust? Focusing on a few crucial elements can make the difference between making a blind or well-educated choice.

Online Reviews

Review sites like Yelp may offer a rough approximation of the reputation of a Virginia criminal defense attorney. However, it is also worth noting that there is a general rule of thumb. Most businesses, law firms or otherwise, can assume that only one in ten satisfied clients will leave reviews. Those that feel slighted in some way are much more likely to unleash their ire online.

But, of course, you do not want to ignore the negative feedback. In particular, the responses from the law firm to these posts will tell you plenty about its character.

For example, does a representative offer a professional and empathetic response? Do they challenge the naysayers in a way that puts you off? You will not know until you spend some time conducting proper due diligence.

State Bar Association

The Virginia State Bar collects complaints from clients about their attorneys. They can hold a public disciplinary hearing if they find evidence that supports punitive action. These events find their way onto their Meetings, Hearings, and Events page.

Any dressing down a Virginia criminal lawyer receives is public knowledge. Therefore, your due diligence may include looking at recently published disciplinary system actions.

It is also worth your time to pay attention to the recent rule changes and legal ethics opinions. These modifications to their expectations for professional conduct will tell you where the goal post has moved.


Many businesses in the U.S. rely on more than glossy advertisements or prime locations. Referrals can be the lifeblood of a revenue pipeline for those in construction, IT services, and especially law firms.

They are critical enough that organizations often have a dedicated plan for how to get more of them. A site like ours exists because we provide referrals that both sides can trust.

Cautious Optimism

Making overblown promises is a losing proposition for Virginia criminal attorneys and their clients. Moreover, it can violate the Virginia State Bar Professional Guidelines.

A Virginia criminal defense lawyer should maintain a sense of cautious optimism. No matter how well-connected they may be, no one can predict what happens after an arrest. A history of providing a zealous, professional, and organized defense is much more essential.

Honest and Clear Expectations for Fees

Do you remember the last time you paid more than expected for an expensive product or service?

Nobody appreciates having more of their hard-earned money taken unexpectedly. While it may happen with utilities or cell phone companies, that should not be the case with your criminal defense lawyer.

With that understanding, there are still multiple reasons why the cost for your legal counsel can expand. For instance, your attorney may recommend private investigators or testing their strategy with a focus group. But, when you choose one of the available options, the costs and fees should be clear.

Work With an Experienced Fairfax Criminal Attorney

Do you need to work with a Fairfax criminal attorney right away? How do you know you have found a Fairfax criminal attorney you can trust? We can get you in touch with one you will have no hesitation hiring for your case. Additionally, we can even help you connect with an attorney across state lines. Submit a request online or call us today at (866) 345-6784!

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