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What Is a Citizenship or Green Card Lawyer?

A citizenship or green card lawyer helps those applying for U.S. citizenship better their chances of receiving application approval. Legal professionals know which issues may serve as obstacles and disqualify candidates. Citizenship lawyers help save clients time and money.

When Should You Hire a Citizenship or Green Card Lawyer?

Applying for citizenship or a green card in another country is not an easy task.

This process involves filling out applications, providing evidence, and paying a variety of fees. Additionally, it takes around six months to a year to gain citizenship in the U.S. as long as you follow all the requirements.

You may run into complications or confusing segments as you apply for citizenship. Here are some signs you should work with a citizenship lawyer:

You Have a Criminal Record

A criminal record can prevent some people from applying for citizenship or a green card in the U.S. Depending on the severity of the crime, you may be ineligible for citizenship. Or, if your offense is less severe, you may need to talk with a lawyer about how you should present your case. Consulting with a lawyer helps you figure out what you need to do to apply, as well as your eligibility.

For example, if you have a minor crime you committed over five years ago, that may be an expunged crime. As a result, use your lawyer as a resource as you talk to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services about it.

You Answered “Yes” to Any Questions in Part 12 of Form N-400

This section of your application weeds out applicants who receive immediate citizenship denial. If you answered “yes” to any questions in this section, USCIS must discard your application immediately. For this reason, you must be very careful as you fill out this portion of the application.

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, then you must hire a lawyer to represent you. Your legal advocate may help you explain your reasoning in a way that makes USCIS reconsider.

You Applied Without the Help of a Lawyer and Were Denied

If you already tried to apply for citizenship and received a denial, you can apply again with a lawyer’s help.

Your denial may have been the result of filling out forms incorrectly. If you have difficulty understanding the form, your lawyer can help you get through it. If the denial was not the result of a misunderstanding, a legal professional can guide you through the process of fighting the denial.

Also, lawyers can help you determine if, and when, you should try to apply again. Because there are some pretty hefty fees involved in applying for citizenship, this helps you financially.

How to Apply for Citizenship or Green Card

The steps for applying for citizenship may sound simple. However, each step can have complications depending on your history.

Here is how you can apply for citizenship:

  1. Create an account with USCIS:You can access the online application for citizenship through the USCIS website.
  2. Complete the online application: Once you create an account, fill out the online form with as much information as you can.
  3. Provide evidence: The evidence USCIS looks for is on the front and back of your Permanent Resident Card. Depending on the information you provide, they may need more evidence.
  4. Sign for your consent: Once you complete the application and provide ample evidence, you need to sign for consent that you are ready to apply.
  5. Pay for the application and submit: The application for citizenship is $640, so you need to pay that fee before officially submitting your application.

While these may not sound like many steps to follow, as you reveal your personal information, the process may become complicated.

How to Prepare for Your Meeting With Your Citizenship or Green Card Attorney

Once you decide to meet with an attorney, she or he does a lot to help your citizenship application. While the lawyer plays an important part in the process, you must prepare in a few different ways before meeting with her or him. This helps your application move through the process quicker.

Collect Your Information

If you cannot get your hands on a form for any reason, compile the basic information yourself. Your lawyer needs this, so jot it down all the details ahead of time. Your lawyer may ask you to have certain information prepared. However, if he or she does not, it never hurts to write basic information, just to be safe.

Bring Copies of Any Necessary Court Documents

If you have any criminal history, major or minor, then USCIS needs to know about it. To save yourself some time, collect all the court documents related to your history. Your lawyer can review these and decide the next move in the process.

Make Copies of Vital Documents

Documents necessary for a citizenship application are birth certificates, visa applications, letters from USCIS, and any other paperwork you received related to the application process. Make copies of these to ensure you do not lose them. Keep the originals in a safe place, and keep the copies with the rest of your information for your lawyer.

Keep Everything Organized

Because you are in a situation where you want to appear as professional as possible, keep all your necessary documents organized. Invest in a binder or a folder that lets you easily organize documents in a way that makes finding each one simple.

Work With an Experience Local Lawyer

If you fit any of the criteria above, a citizenship or green card lawyer is a necessity.

We connect you with a great lawyer for no charge, as we understand that you already need to pay legal fees. When we connect you with your legal advocate, you can see if she or he presents a good option for you and your citizenship situation before you pay anything.

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