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What Is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure starts when a homeowner in Provo, UT fails to fulfill their mortgage payment. Generally, state law in Utah gives Provo residents 30 days to catch up. If the homeowner has not resolved the payment issue by that time, the lender can start the process. The house goes to auction to recoup the losses resulting from the homeowner’s inability to pay.

Foreclosure By Power of Sale

The power of sale is a provision included in the mortgage or deed of trust. It grants the lender the authority to foreclose on the property without court supervision. According to the Judicial Branch of Utah, most foreclosures in Provo will happen this way. If the lender can substantiate that you meet these criteria, they have the authority to sell your home.

Foreclosure By Judicial Sale

Foreclosure through judicial sale entails the court-supervised sale of a property with a mortgage. The court prioritizes the satisfaction of the mortgage, followed by any lien holders, and finally the lender. It is crucial for the bank to navigate the legal process diligently. Otherwise, there can be problems with transferring ownership to the next buyer.

Types of Foreclosure Defenses

If you are currently facing foreclosure, take all necessary measures to halt the proceedings. Your attorney in Provo may suggest various typical foreclosure defenses to employ in your case.

The Bank Didn’t Follow State Procedures

Due to the complexity and lengthy nature of the foreclosure process, errors can often occur. If the bank failed to adhere to procedures in Provo, Utah, you may have a strong case.

The Mortgage Servicer Made Mistakes

Mistakes can occur when mortgage services handle homeowners’ accounts. Below are several prevalent errors to be aware of:

  • Attributing mortgage payments to the wrong account
  • Misstating how much you owe for the loan
  • Assigning excessive fees
  • Pursuing foreclosure while a loan modification is in progress

If you believe your lender committed an error, reach out to an attorney in Provo, UT. Seeking legal assistance is among the most effective choices you have to keep your home.

You’re on Active Duty

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) offers specific safeguards to individuals on active duty. It includes provisions that prevent lenders in Provo from foreclosing on your home without a court proceeding. This protection allows you to assert a defense with the support of a knowledgeable foreclosure attorney. Furthermore, if you obtained your mortgage before entering active duty, foreclosure must take place in court.

The Foreclosing Party Lacks “Standing”

The party initiating the foreclosure is the one who holds ownership of the loan. If the lender is unable to provide proof, they lack “standing.” Consequently, they cannot proceed with the foreclosure of the home. This situation is quite common since banks frequently bundle loans with others and sell them. This constant exchange can make it difficult to determine the owner.

The Statute of Limitations Has Passed

The statute of limitations prevents foreclosure after enough time has passed. Surprisingly, certain mortgages or instances of missed payments can go unnoticed or overlooked.

The statute of limitations for foreclosures in Provo is six years. Both borrowers and lenders need to be aware of this time limit. It has a substantial impact on the ability to pursue or defend against foreclosure.

Additional Foreclosure Defenses

A few of the less frequent foreclosure defenses that could apply include the following:

  • You have already started to make payments on a loan modification
  • You did not receive a breach of contract notice from the bank
  • Your financial institution violated the terms of a USDA, FHA, or VA loan

Preparing for the Foreclosure Defense Process

It is crucial to remember there are no guarantees of winning after you hire an attorney in Provo, Utah. Nonetheless, you increased your chances significantly. Each case has different characteristics that require a deep knowledge of state and federal laws. A local lawyer knows how to navigate the judicial system and help you identify any potential loopholes.

Your attorney will give you zealous representation before the foreclosure judge. Regardless, there are many situations that require legal help beyond a lawsuit. Foreclosure cases from Provo are typically under the jurisdiction of the Fourth Judicial District Court. This judiciary has a Civil Division that handles foreclosure cases, among other concerns. At the least, they can stall long enough for you to find a proper solution.

Work with an Experienced Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Provo, Utah

Even if you doubt your chances of success, an attorney could discover reasons to challenge foreclosure. Moreover, an attorney in Provo, UT can provide an impartial opinion. It’s also worth noting that many initial consultations are free of charge.

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