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What Is an Eviction?

An eviction is the removal of tenants by a property owner through a formal notice. They usually occur as a result of non-payment of rent or lease violations. However, this process can be problematic and expensive.

Most landlord-tenant laws prioritize the rights of the renter. Therefore, it is beneficial for either side to know the legal landscape in Provo, Utah.

An eviction notice does not have to result in removing someone from a rental unit. It should serve as a final warning. If the tenant takes action and fulfills their obligations, they may stay in their home.

When Can Landlords Send a Termination Notice?

The Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent

Consistently failing to pay is a valid reason to start an eviction in Provo, UT. Some states offer a grace period for late payments, but it may not apply in all situations. A consistent problem is more likely to result in removal.

Utah does not offer a grace period for evictions currently. However, it is possible that there is a clause in your lease in Provo.

Landlords must issue consistent late rent notices and retain a copy for their records. Taking this step means you have tangible documentation of a recurring problem in court.

The Tenant Violates the Terms or Conditions of the Lease Agreement

Lease agreements are legally binding contracts. As a result, any violation of the terms can serve as a valid basis for eviction.

For instance, imagine a lease that prohibits having more individuals living in the unit. A tenant that disregards that rule can invite eviction upon themselves.

Similarly, the lease agreement holds legal significance for landlords. Building owners in Provo must adhere to the rules outlined in the agreement, including fulfilling repair and maintenance obligations.

The Tenant Damages the Property

Damage to a rental property by tenants is an inevitable occurrence. Regardless, there are distinctions between minor issues and intentional property destruction. A tenant that deliberately causes damage can expect to receive an eviction notice. However, if they take responsibility and repair the damage, they may stay where they are.

The Tenant Uses the Property for Illegal Purposes

If your tenant engages in illicit activities on your Provo property, that is an easy justification for eviction. Reporting the matter to the authorities may also result in criminal charges.

Nonetheless, it is important to gather substantial evidence to substantiate the claim. Any past instances where law enforcement intervened at the property can be valuable in supporting your case.

How to Evict a Tenant in Provo, Utah

If you have the intention to start for any cause, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the process. Below is an overview of how one usually unfolds.

Step 1. Check Your Local Laws

Eviction laws differ across states and may even vary at the city level. Hence, it is crucial to acquaint yourself with the specific local laws before proceeding. It is imperative to have a legitimate legal justification for eviction before serving notice.

This part of the process is vital to get right. Consequently, it is advisable to consult with a knowledgeable attorney in Provo, UT. They can assist in reviewing your situation and determining the appropriate course of action.

Under Utah law, tenants in Provo have certain rights and protection. Here are some of the key protections that ensure fair treatment and a safe living environment. Every tenant has a right to:

  1. A habitable dwelling
  2. Proper notice
  3. Privacy
  4. Non-discrimination
  5. Written lease agreements
  6. Security deposits
  7. Remedy and legal action

Step 2. Give a Formal Notice of Eviction

Sometimes a formal notice is necessary when you have tried to communicate with a tenant with no success. It is an ultimatum that outlines the specific violations and provides instructions on how to stop the eviction.

The eviction notice should include a specified deadline to make things right or vacate. If you require assistance in creating an eviction notice, seek guidance from legal professionals.

Generally, landlords must give three business days notice for overdue rent. The same also applies to lease violations. But it is notable that you have 15 – 30 days when you rent month-to-month in Provo.

Step 3. File the Eviction with the Court

It is crucial to submit the eviction notice to the court within a short timeframe. Following the submission, the court will schedule a hearing and inform the tenant of the date. Eviction cases from Provo are typically handled in state courts. In Provo, the hearings should occur at the Fourth Judicial District Court.

Step 4. Contact an Experienced Provo, Utah Eviction Attorney and Prepare for the Hearing

Hire an attorney immediately to start preparing for your first hearing. Then, bring these documents as evidence: 

  • Payment records
  • Bad checks
  • Copies of the lease agreement
  • Eviction notices
  • Communication records
  • Proof of serving the notice to the renter

Step 5. Evict the Tenant

Your tenant will have time to vacate after the hearing. The length varies from state to state. Although, most jurisdictions allow for 48 hours to one week. If the renter does not comply, you can ask Provo, UT law enforcement to forcibly remove them.

Step 6. Collect Past-Due Rent Payments

Getting money owed by a renter can be a long and hard process. Regardless, you can try one or more of these methods: 

Work with an Experienced Eviction Attorney in Provo, Utah

Renters may attempt to dispute the validity of an eviction based on improper procedure. An attorney in Provo can be a tremendous help in these circumstances. They provide valuable support in presenting your case and securing a favorable outcome.

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