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The Sacramento Kings of the NBA have trademarked their logo; two crossed lances with a crown on top, a basketball beneath, and the words Sacramento Kings emblazoned across the front. This trademark prevents any unscrupulous characters from attempting to lure business away from their official merchandise by creating a deceptive logo. If you wish to protect your business in a similar fashion, you may want to retain an experienced copyright attorney in Sacramento.

What Is Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration offers the author of a piece of work in Sacramento, California some protection from those who try to steal their idea.

A novel creation receives copyright protection when it becomes fixed into a tangible form. Copyright law dictates how to establish this ownership. Additionally, it explains how to register intellectual property or defend against infringement.

Copyright registration is a type of public record for ownership. A piece of work doesn’t require copyright registration for protection under the US copyright law. However, you should register your product in Sacramento, CA with the help of a copyright lawyer, as this can offer you several unique advantages:

  • Protects your work against the importation of copies that infringe the registration. Your registration will be recorded with the United States Customs and Border Protection.
  • If your work is already registered in the United States, you can proceed with an infringement lawsuit; otherwise, you will have to register it first.
  • The IP owner can seek damages and attorney fees if a copyright registration happens within three months of publication (or prior to an infringement claim).
  • If a copyrighted work becomes registered outside of the three-month time frame, you may seek actual damages that you lost.
  • Copyright registration will identify each public record of its existence. This action puts the copyright protection into public notice for the piece of work that you’ve created and/or own.

What Is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, symbol, design, or phrase that distinguishes you from another company. Service marks are a type of trademark that a company will use when providing services to the public. Technically, trademarks are a form of intellectual property. It also forms part of the company’s brand, even if they no longer use it.

Here are some of the components that established Sacramento, CA business people and brand owners often trademark:

  • Logos
  • Symbols
  • Product packages
  • Name of the business
  • Name of the product or service
  • Designs

Trademark Registration Forms are provided by the State of California for all Sacramento creatives and entrepreneurs. You’ll need to include a $70 filing fee for each classification you decide to file your trademark under. You must also provide proof that you are using the mark in California, and provide 3 samples of using the mark in conjunction with your business. In addition, if any wording on your trademark is not in English, you are required to submit the english translation of the wording.

How Long Does It Take to Register a Trademark and Copyright?

The USPTO states that it could take as long as 12 to 18 months to receive full trademark and copyright protection at the federal level. However, the registration process generally is reduced dramatically if you are only planning to use your trademark within the state. At the state level you can receive trademark protection in 4 to 6 months.

Though this process may seem long and drawn out, it is vitally important that you protect your work. Once your trademark or copyright is established, you can enforce your rights to make certain that no one misuses your property. Still, if someone should infringe upon your rights, your best course may be to seek the counsel of an experienced Sacramento copyright attorney.

What’s the Difference Between a Trademark and a Copyright?

The value of your Sacramento, CA business depends on the assets it owns. It’s important to note that the most valuable assets are not always physical or financial. Your intellectual property counts as assets too. Due to this, if people use those assets without your permission, you can file a lawsuit for infringement.

While trademarks and copyrights protect intellectual property, they cover two different aspects. Copyright registration protects artistic and literary works, such as videos and books. A trademark registration protects brand components. This can be a jingle, a logo, or a mascot of your organization.

Take, for example, if you own a magazine publishing company. You would trademark the logo and the name of your company. However, you would also place copyright protection on all the magazines that you have published.

Work With an Experienced Sacramento, California Copyright Lawyer

Do you have an idea that needs protection under intellectual property law? If so, complete the registration process as soon as possible. There is always the risk that someone else might beat you to it. This eventuality can create complications when the time comes to defend IP rights claims.

An experienced Sacramento, CA copyright lawyer can help you uncover if anyone else has registered a similar idea. If your concept closely resembles another, it might get rejected. Consequently, it is better to find this early than to go through the process only to get denied later. In addition, an intellectual property lawyer will help you to draft critical documents. Or, they can determine the value of the intellectual property that you own.

An intellectual property lawyer also assesses the quality of the assets. They will also look at the number of assets licensed under your name or your business in Sacramento, CA. This evaluation can help to maximize the entire value of all intangible assets that your company has.

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