Child Custody in Juneau, AK

A child custody battle in Juneau is exhausting, stressful, and often confusing. The overwhelming nature of the process can leave you feeling unsure of the options available to you. Furthermore, you may not feel confident in how the court views the situation.

Times like these call for expert legal representation to gain clarity and transparency. Decide for yourself what you need from a local child custody lawyer using the information in this guide.

What Is Child Custody?

When two parents separate, they must decide how their children spend time between them. Child custody refers to the right of either or both parents to provide a home for their children and exercise parental rights.

In Juneau, AK, not all child custody cases go to court. But when they do, judges make their decisions based on what they think is most beneficial for the child.

Types of Child Custody Arrangements in Juneau, Alaska

There are three main types of arrangements that can occur. These include full custody, sole custody, and joint custody. Generally, the Juneau Superior Court is involved in adjudicating these decisions.

What Is Full Custody?

In a full custody arrangement, one parent receives the majority of the parenting time and maintains physical custody. In most instances, this person also makes all decisions about the child’s upbringing. They also have control over health, education, and religious decisions. The parent awarded full custody is the primary custodial parent.

The arrangement for parents in Juneau can either be due to a settlement or a judge’s decision. According to the Alaska Court System, they must focus on the child’s best interests. The factors they list as considerations for making this judgment include the following:

  • The mental, physical, emotional, etc. needs of the child
  • Evidence of domestic violence or abuse
  • The capability of the parents to meet the child’s needs
  • Any other factors the court deems relevant

Even when children only live with one parent, the other parent still has the opportunity to be a part of their lives. The custodial parent may allow visiting time, or the children may spend a few weekends with the non-custodial parent. In some instances, a parent awarded full custody will maintain joint custodianship with their partner.

What Is Sole Custody?

It is noteworthy that some parents get no parenting time or other rights. The court will provide one parent with sole physical custody if the other parent is unfit.

In some cases, the court may go as far as to terminate parental rights. This decision may occur if the parent gets convicted of crimes that might endanger a child. An example is child abuse or inappropriate sexual conduct with a child. Alaska state laws vary on what might result in parental termination.

What Is Joint Custody?

Joint custody describes the arrangement where both parents of the child split physical custody. When parents share responsibilities, the child may spend a week or two on and off with either parent. Some families in Juneau, Alaska also practice “nesting”, where both parents move in and out of the home where the child resides.

Generally, the Alaska Court System places similar expectations on joint custody as other arrangements. Parents from Juneau need to demonstrate an ability to meet the best interests of their children. Constant disagreements over critical issues can mean they should have a judge make the final decision.

In many joint custody arrangements, one parent may retain complete responsibility. This situation is for any major decisions regarding the well-being of the child. Also, joint custody does not always mean an equal sharing of time.

In most instances, one parent still retains primary custody. In these cases, they may hold the more substantial portion of a 60/40 time split.

The Factors Courts Consider When Making a Decision

In Juneau, Alaska full custody is often awarded when one parent is unable to contribute. For example, a parent could be in prison, there is a lack of financial stability, or someone is in a situation that may hurt the child. Accordingly, the court may grant one parent full or sole custody due to the circumstances.

On the other hand, joint custody is a common arrangement for the parents. Both parents assume the responsibilities required to raise a healthy and happy child. Both parents must work together to maintain consistent communication and follow court instructions.

Sometimes parents do not work well together. Then the court is more likely to award one parent the majority of the parenting time to reduce friction.

With Juneau joint custody cases, parents need to coordinate resources and activities to support the child’s needs. The situation of your custody arrangements might vary. There may be a supervised custody arrangement for one parent. Alternatively, there can be a public meeting place to pick up and drop off the child with the other parent.

The Basics of the Child Custody Process 

Custody arrangements in Juneau, Alaska are often subject to family court orders and decisions. However, this is not always the case. Hiring a child custody lawyer can help, even when the split is amicable.

Navigate the troubled waters of your custody battle with legal help. Many parents can come together to find a solution that works well for the child. In many circumstances, they can reach an agreement without involving the courts.

There is a Parenting Plan Dispute Resolution Program for parents in Juneau to reach an amicable resolution. This process is voluntary and can help to find a consensus on critical issues. Of course, not everyone will find common ground on every topic. If you do not reach a complete settlement, the judge will rule on areas where disputes still exist.

Working with a Juneau custody lawyer as a mediator can advise you on the best custody arrangement for the situation. Hire an experienced child custody lawyer to help you better understand your rights as a parent and avoid costly mistakes.

Work With an Experienced Juneau, Alaska Child Custody Lawyer 

A child custody battle in Alaska can be a difficult and frustrating process. This situation is worse when there is animosity between you and the other parent. A Juneau lawyer can help explain the entire process and have a positive impact.

If you want to understand your rights as a parent, you are in the right place. The attorneys we connect people with can increase your chances of getting the arrangement you seek. We can even help you connect with an attorney across Alaska state lines. Submit a request online or call us today at (866) 345-6784 to get in touch with an experienced lawyer in your area!

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