Child Custody in Badger, AK

How much time do you want to have with your children?

What are the adventures you hope to have with them?

The answer you gave to these questions may or may not come true. Custody battles in Badger can be among the most contentious legal concerns. Without proper representation, you may not get close to your dreams. Accordingly, you must discover if Alaska law is on your side and what an attorney can accomplish.

What Is Child Custody?

When two parents separate, they must decide how their children spend time between them. Child custody refers to the right of either or both parents to provide a home for their children and exercise parental rights. In Badger, AK, not all child custody cases go to court. But when they do, courts make their decisions based on what they think is most beneficial for the child.

Types of Child Custody Arrangements in Badger, Alaska

There are three main types of arrangements that can occur. These include full custody, sole custody, and joint custody. Generally, the nearest court that can rule on these concerns is the trial court in Glennallen.

What Is Full Custody?

Full custody arrangements involve one parent receiving most of the parenting time and maintaining physical custody. In most instances, this person also makes the decisions about the child’s upbringing. They have control over significant determinations about health, education, and religion. As a result, the parent awarded full custody is the primary custodial parent.

There is a vital aspect of Alaska law that can give priority for full custody. A history of domestic violence means there is a presumption the child should be with a nonviolent parent. If this clause applies to your situation in Badger, you should share details with your attorney immediately.

Even when children only live with one parent, the other parent still has the opportunity to be a part of their lives. The custodial parent may allow visiting time, or the children may spend a few weekends with the non-custodial parent.

What Is Sole Custody?

Most people do not differentiate between one parent getting the overwhelming majority of the parenting time and sole custody. However, it is worth noting the possibility of some parents getting no parenting time or rights. For instance, the court will provide one parent with sole physical custody if the other parent is unfit.

In some cases, the court may go as far as to terminate parental rights. This action may occur if the parent receives a conviction for crimes that might endanger a child. Alaska state laws vary on what might result in parental termination.

What Is Joint Custody?

Joint custody describes the arrangement where both parents of the child split physical custody. One example is the child spending a week or two with either parent. Some families in Badger, Alaska also practice “nesting.” This arrangement is where both parents move in and out of a home where the child lives.

Alaska Statutes have extensive criteria courts can use to determine if joint custody is appropriate. Regardless of the details, there is an explicit understanding that these factors must focus on the best interests of the child. Additionally, the judge that presides over your case can consider the following:

  • Any history of domestic violence or substance abuse
  • Preferences expressed by the child
  • The desire of the parents to remain involved in the child’s life
  • The capacity of the parents to provide emotional and financial support

In many joint custody arrangements, one parent may retain complete responsibility. This agreement is for any major decisions regarding the well-being of the child. Also, joint custody does not always mean an equal sharing of time. In most instances, one parent still retains primary custody. In these cases, they may hold the more significant portion of a 60/40 time split.

The Factors Courts Consider When Making a Decision

In Badger, Alaska full custody is often awarded when one parent isn’t able to contribute to the responsibilities with raising the child. For example, if a parent is physically incarcerated, doesn’t have financial stability, or is involved in situations that may potentially hurt the child, the court may grant one parent full or sole custody due to the circumstances.

On the other hand, joint custody is often provided to the parents. Both parents assume the responsibilities that are required to raise a healthy and happy child. Both parents need to be able to work together to maintain consistent communication and follow the directions of the court. Sometimes parents do not work well together. Then the court is sometimes more likely to award one parent the majority of the parenting time to reduce friction.

With Badger joint custody cases, both parents need to coordinate resources and activities to support the needs of the child. The situation of your custody arrangements might vary. There may be supervised custody arrangements for one parent. Another option is a public meeting place for the child to be picked up and dropped off with the other parent.

The Basics of the Child Custody Process 

Custody arrangements in Badger, Alaska are often subject to family court orders and decisions. However, this is not always the case. Even when the split is amicable, hiring a child custody lawyer can help. Navigate the troubled waters of your custody battle with legal help. Many parents are able to come together to find a solution that works well for the child. Oftentimes without needing to involve the court system.

Parents in Badger may avoid these costly disputes through Parenting Plan Dispute Resolution mediation. The Alaska Court System offers this route as an alternative to having a judge make decisions for you. There are even a series of videos to watch that will educate you on the details of this alternative dispute resolution.

Working with a Badger custody lawyer as a mediator can help to advise you on the best type of custody arrangement that would work for the unique requirements and needs of your child. Hire an experienced child custody lawyer to help you better understand your rights as a parent and avoid costly mistakes.

Work With an Experienced Badger, Alaska Child Custody Lawyer 

A child custody battle is a difficult and frustrating process. This is worse when there is animosity between you and the other parent. A Badger lawyer that specializes in this area can help to explain the entire process of the child custody battle and can help to make a positive impact on your case whether they mediate the arrangement or defend one party.

Hire a dedicated and passionate child custody attorney in Badger, Alaska.  Your chances of  seeing a custody agreement and visitation rights that are favorable for you will be much more likely. If you’re looking to hire an experienced child custody lawyer to help you understand your rights as a parent, you’ve come to the right place.

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