Child Birth Injury in Oakland, CA

Childbirth is often considered a miraculous experience. Regrettably, injuries can turn a joyous occasion into a painful ordeal.

Injuries during childbirth can happen to anyone, even with the most careful medical attention. Minor bruises and scratches to more severe injuries can have long-term effects on the mother and the newborn.

This article provides valuable information on the legal options available to families who have suffered in Oakland. Find out how to seek the compensation and justice you deserve today.

What Causes a Childbirth Injury?

Timing and precise medical treatments are essential during labor and delivery. Consequently, a birth injury can occur due to a medical practitioner’s poor judgment or failure to act. If a doctor you trusted was negligent, you may file a malpractice lawsuit Oakland, CA.

There must be a clear link between the harm caused and the provider’s actions to demonstrate a birth injury. Unfortunately, it is common not to detect the effects right away. While some injuries may be noticeable, others may not appear until a child misses developmental milestones.

Your emotional distress after a childbirth injury in Oakland is also of vital importance. In Burgess v. Superior Court, the Supreme Court of California made a landmark decision in this regard. The highest court in the state ruled that a mother is not a bystander when her child suffers. Accordingly, essential legal precedent exists to pursue more significant damages for malpractice.

Additionally, various situations can result in birth injuries in Oakland. Your circumstances may fall under one of the following examples.

  • Improper Vacuum Usage

If a mother has difficulty delivering a baby, medical professionals in Oakland may use a vacuum to assist. It is a commonly used instrument that helps suction the baby out of the birth canal. It attaches to the baby’s head or shoulders, and nurses or doctors must place it properly. However, if the vacuum is in the wrong position, it can result in severe injuries.

  • Improper Use of Forceps

If an infant is in an improper position, medical professionals may use forceps as an alternative. But using this instrument can prevent oxygen deprivation and fetal distress. Accordingly, medical professionals must exercise great care when using forceps during childbirth. Improper use can result in severe head injuries or nerve damage.

  • Hypoxia

Hypoxia is a medical issue that arises when an infant’s brain does not receive enough oxygen. It is often due to the umbilical cord tangling around the neck before or during delivery.

The cause may also be an impaired or infected placenta. But the good news is that most medical practitioners in Oakland, California can detect hypoxia early. So, they should take preventative measures to avoid any harm.

In cases where medical staff fail to take prompt action, asphyxiation can occur. It may lead to severe physical or mental disabilities for the child. Consequently, the medical team may be accountable for any resulting damages.

  • Cesarean Section Delay

An emergency C-section can be necessary when fetal distress occurs. Justifiable examples include drops in the baby’s heart rate or placental abruption.

In reality, various factors can lead a doctor to perform a C-section during delivery. Some examples include the baby being in the wrong position or the mother not dilating enough.

In certain situations, a doctor may decide that a C-section is necessary to deliver the baby safely. This procedure may be the only option to avoid further injury. Nevertheless, in some cases, medical staff may delay performing a C-section for too long. This indecision can result in consequences for both the mother and child.

What Are Some Other Possible Causes of Childbirth Injury in Oakland?

Various forms of medical negligence can lead to harm to either the child or the mother during childbirth, including:

  • Not recognizing sudden changes in the infant’s condition.
  • A lack of prenatal testing.
  • Missing infections, umbilical cord entrapment, premature ruptures, or placenta previa
  • Untimely use of labor-inducing drugs

Facial Paralysis

Facial paralysis is a birth injury that can happen due to medical tools used during delivery. The severity can vary and may cause long-term or even permanent nerve damage.

As a result, children in Oakland with facial paralysis may have difficulties with facial expressions, speech, and feeding. These symptoms may require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.


During childbirth, fractures can occur if the infant’s head or shoulders become stuck in the birth canal. Clavicle breaks are the most common, typically resulting from excessive force. Other incidents may happen to the skull or humerus. Infants who suffer these injuries during childbirth may experience significant pain and require comprehensive rehabilitation.

Why Should You Take Action for Your Child Birth Injury?

The primary reason for pursuing a childbirth injury lawsuit in Oakland is to secure your financial future. Dealing with a lifetime of setbacks and disabilities can be emotionally and financially draining. The costs of medical treatment, equipment, and medications can add up quickly. Starting a civil action can help you cover these expenses and provide much-needed support for your family’s future.

California has a lower rate of cesarean section deliveries at around 26%. However, despite improvement efforts, birth outcome disparities persist in cities like Oakland. A 2020 report from the CDPH says that black infants in California have over twice the mortality rate as whites.

Work With an Experienced Local Child Birth Injury Lawyer in Oakland, California 

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